Ensure the accuracy of your consumer credit data submissions

Metric Report™, a comprehensive summary of Metro 2® submissions, helps data furnishers identify and correct tradeline inaccuracies.* Metric Report allows data furnishers to meet their Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) obligations while enhancing the customer experience and increasing operational efficiencies.

*Metro 2® is the registered trademark of CDIA.  




Metric Report can help you:

Validate the accuracy of your data in order to meet your FCRA data furnisher obligations.

Take a proactive approach to your credit reporting

Maintain compliance

Identify inaccuracies to meet regulatory obligations pursuant to furnishing accurate consumer credit information.

Improve the customer experience

Minimize data errors that could affect creditworthiness and add friction to the customer experience.

Increase operational efficiency

Decrease internal efforts required to track and evaluate data accuracy. 

Level up your data accuracy

Learn how Metric Report helps data furnishers take action to address rejected trades that Experian is unable to load.

Product features

  • Reporting statistics – Metro 2 submission information 
  • Fatal error account numbers – Details for correcting reporting errors  
  • Fatal error percentage 
  • Enhanced fatal error definitions 
  • Automated secure transmission – Easy-to-read report provided through STS 
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Data integrity solutions tailored to meet your business needs

Strengthen the insight from Metric Report with our complementary solutions.

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Drill deeper into Metro 2 submissions, fatal errors and dispute metrics with a comprehensive analysis led by Experian® subject matter experts. Identify illogical reporting conditions, along with detailed completeness information focusing on personally identifiable information, dates and amount fields.

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Field Level Error Report

Streamline the reconciliation process with Field Level Error Report, an easy-to-read report of all rejected accounts in Metro 2 format.

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Transformation Report

Transformation Report provides a spreadsheet of accounts with illogical reporting issues that required transformations in order for Experian to process. These accounts will be displayed with all the relevant Metro 2 fields.

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Dispute Report

Dispute Report, a statistical breakdown of key metrics within disputed data, provides insight into the types of data being disputed, the segments of consumers disputing and the responses to each distribution.

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Submission Extract

Particularly useful for data furnishers who use a third-party processor to report on their behalf, Submission Extract is an extract of the Metro 2 file submitted to Experian.

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Data Integrity Insights Dashboards™

Automated dashboards, hosted by Experian, provide a holistic view of your consumer credit reporting relative to Metro 2 accuracy, disputes, on-file data and peer benchmarking.

Gain confidence in your data integrity.

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