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Data integrity

Gain critical insight into your data accuracy and reporting practices

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It all starts with data integrity compliance

Providing accurate and current customer credit data is more than checking a box. It’s the first step to reducing your regulatory exposure and increasing customer satisfaction.

We can assist you in achieving your accuracy goals with a comprehensive set of tools that assess the accuracy of the customer credit data you’re providing. Through the use of complete reporting tools and analysis, we help our data providers meet Metro 2® reporting requirements to furnish accurate data to the credit bureaus*.

Our robust services provide insight and analysis of data submissions, consumer and commercial tradeline data, detail on disputes, and peer benchmarking. This enables your business to minimize regulatory risk and exposure by receiving quality reporting metrics, implement sound policies and procedures, and establish an ongoing monitoring mechanism to continually evaluate the quality of your data.

*Metro 2® is the registered trademark of CDIA.

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Our commitment to data integrity

We manage more than 220 million consumer and 25 million business credit files which brings with it an enormous responsibility. It’s our commitment to protect and manage those files and ensure their integrity so that customers are afforded the many opportunities associated with credit.

Data quality

We deliver a 99.9% data quality rating and we’re striving for perfection.

Data monitoring

Data integrity is about recoverability, traceability and connectivity — you must build a trusted data environment.

400 specific requirements

We have 400 specific data quality requirements clients must meet to help ensure the integrity of the data we receive.

The only credit bureau

We’re the only credit bureau to invest in and build its own data center.


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Metric Report™

Increase operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.

The power of data integrity and quality

Learn how regulatory pressures impact financial service companies' use of data reporting and accuracy.

Data integrity and consumer reporting

Learn why the data ecosystem depends on the free flow of information.

5 steps to boost your accuracy in data reporting

Explore data reporting challenges, tips for streamlining data reporting processes and more.

Data integrity done right

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