Data integrity compliance

Gain critical insight into your data accuracy and reporting practices

It all starts with data integrity compliance

Providing accurate and current customer credit data is more than checking a box. It’s the first step to reducing your regulatory exposure and increasing customer satisfaction.

We can assist you in achieving your accuracy goals with a comprehensive set of tools that assess the accuracy of the customer credit data you’re providing. Through the use of dynamic reporting tools and expert analysis, we help our data providers meet Metro 2® reporting requirements to furnish accurate data to the credit bureaus*.

Enable your business to minimize regulatory risk and exposure by receiving quality reporting metrics, implement sound policies and procedures, and establish an ongoing monitoring mechanism to continually evaluate the quality of your data.

*Metro 2® is the registered trademark of CDIA.

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How we can help

Our data integrity services support data furnishers throughout the credit reporting life cycle – and beyond.

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Metric Report™

Monthly report to review Metro 2 submission accuracy with account-level error details and disputes summary. Enhance Metric Report with our complementary data integrity reports, including DataArc™, Field Level Error Report, Transformation Error Report and Dispute Report. 

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Data Integrity Insights Dashboards™

Automated dashboards, hosted by Experian, provide a holistic view of your consumer credit reporting relative to Metro 2 accuracy, disputes, on-file data and peer benchmarking.

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On-file data

See tradeline data as it is currently displayed on Experian’s File One™ database. Access the data through our self-service portal, generated reports, or engage with our Data Integrity Services consultants for expert analysis.

Contact us to learn how our suite of data integrity services can be tailored to meet your business needs.

Gain confidence in your data quality processes and data reporting.


Data integrity compliance done right

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