Identity proofing

Verify in-person and remote consumer identities with confidence

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Identity verification during acquisition and origination

Our identity proofing solutions are compliant with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and enable agencies to confidently verify user identities prior to or during account opening, biometric enrollment or while signing up for services.

These certified solutions allow you to collect, validate and assess risk on personally identifiable information while meeting government requirements for identity verification and resolution, document verification and biometric facial recognition.

Compliant identity-proofing solutions provide security

Our identity-proofing solutions provide a high degree of confidence, enabling ID verification with fewer resources, greater operational efficiency and reduced fraud risk.

Verify identities

Confirm whether individuals are who they claim to be during acquisition and origination.

Limit fraud risk

Collect, validate and assess risk on personally identifiable information with updated intelligence powered by billions of records.

Meet regulatory requirements

Our comprehensive set of workflows are certified to meet resolution, validation, and verification requirements for Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2).

Experian’s CrossCore® platform is recognized as NIST 800-63 IAL2 certified by Kantara Initiative.

Frequently asked questions

Identity proofing is the process by which an organization collects, validates and verifies information about an identity, which may include an individual’s identity history, credentials and identity documents.

While identity proofing is the initial confirmation of an identity, identity authentication is the ongoing process that rechecks the validity and integrity of an identity.

Identity verification is confirming that an identity exists and that all of the information provided is correctly tied to a single person. This is a part of identity proofing but doesn’t extend to confirming that the user presenting the identity is the true owner of that identity.


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