Identity graph and identity linking

Create a high-definition view of consumers

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Consolidate insights to create a seamless, personalized experience

Navigating the complexity of consumer data can seem like an insurmountable task for marketers. With so many digital devices and varied offline behaviors, it can be difficult to organize the data in a meaningful way that results in actionable insights.

Experian® tackles these challenges head-on. Our identity graph and identity linking services have an open and agnostic approach, collecting multiple identifiers from digital and offline sources, our own vast data sets, and first-party data sources — giving you access to high-definition views of the individuals you’re trying to connect with, what works in the customer journey and how to increase accuracy, campaign reach, and engagement across devices.  

Identity graph and identity linking services

Create confidence in every customer interaction by creating a clear view of the complex user journey with expansive data and a high-definition, privacy and compliance-first view of consumers.

Find, match and link identities

Our robust consumer data sets plus your first-party data, coupled with the most advanced matching algorithms, allow us to create and maintain a customer profile and persistent ID.

Cross-channel identity resolution

With a deterministic and probabilistic approach, we’re able to unify fragmented offline identifiers and resolve digital behaviors and identifiers.

Increased accuracy

Better data drives better campaigns, more personalization and greater campaign engagement. Our combination of digital and offline identifiers provide a high-definition view of consumers so that you can increase the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts.

Experian’s data includes insights into:


million U.S. consumers


million U.S. households


billion devices


trillion device signals 

Frequently asked questions

Consumers interact with businesses across a range of devices and platforms, which can lead to scattered, unconnected data. An identity graph correlates data to create a unified view of consumers based on various interactions. It enables capabilities like real-time personalization, flexible linking using unique identities and enhanced targeting.

Identity linking involves linking together multiple customer identities from different profiles, devices, interactions, etc., to create a unified view of each consumer. 

Link analysis is the ability to create a connected customer view by creating a unique identifier for each customer profile and using it to make connections across databases. This profile identity linkage provides greater assurance that a consumer or business is legitimate and allows organizations to interact with them more confidently.


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