Customer data management

Understand your customer’s identity and behavior across channels.

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Use customer data management solutions to provide the best end-user experience.

In order to set yourself apart from the competition and grow your business, you need to find ways to better manage your data and identify your customers. Combine our data with your own and feed it into Experian’s data management engine to resolve data inconsistencies such as: multiple addresses, shared household Social Security numbers, married vs. maiden names, and legal names vs. nicknames.

Our industry-leading authoritative identity graph with marketing data, credit data, and proprietary Experian data sources enables businesses to gain a single customer view – accurately recognizing customers across platforms and channels so that they have a consistent experience.

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Gain a complete view of customer engagement

Unify customer data on a centralized platform to manage and update it in a secure environment and deliver a personalized experience.

Create a single customer view

Persistently manage identities so you can understand how your customers are engaging with you across online and offline channels.

Securely manage data

Keep all of your customer’s personal, engagement, and demographic in a single, secure location.

Effectively utilize consumer data

Combine your data with Experian’s in a single customer data platform to enhance your decisioning process.


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