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Go beyond traditional credit data to gain a more complete view of your consumers and commercial businesses

When making decisions about consumers and small businesses across the life cycle, many businesses rely solely on traditional credit data information. While that may prove useful, it doesn’t provide a complete view of creditworthiness.

Our full-file public data records aggregate data directly from more than 1,400 different government municipalities at the county, state and federal levels across the United States into an easily accessible format.

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With deeper insight, you can more accurately assess the creditworthiness of consumer and commercial clients, minimize risk by determining a customer’s ability to pay and enhance your overall decisioning.

Turn data into actionable insight

By going beyond traditional data, you can gain a more holistic view of your current and future customers to automate decisioning, minimize risk and maximize revenue.

Mitigate risk

With the addition of full-file public records data and public business records, you can form a complete evaluation of a consumer or business to determine their ability to repay debt.

Build stronger relationships

Having further insight into your customers’ payment behaviors and preferences allows you to individualize and optimize the customer experience.

Enhance decisioning

Our public record data includes bankruptcy filings, judgments, liens, corporate records, Secretary of State (SOS) filings, fictitious business name filings, Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) filings and court filings.

2023 State of alternative credit data

Read our latest white paper to gain insight into lenders’ and consumers’ perceptions of alternative credit data attributes, including full-file public records data. We explore use cases across the lending life cycle, fraud and regulatory updates and how alternative credit data is being used to reduce financial volatility in times of extreme uncertainty.

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