Master data management

Streamline internal processes with Experian’s master data management software

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Use master data management systems to manage all your data in a comprehensive and secure file

Many organizations have disjointed and overlapping data management systems that are inconsistent and difficult for internal employees to use. Experian’s master data management solutions can help your organization securely manage all your customers’ online and offline engagement and demographic data in one place. With master data management programs, your organization can share master data across various applications and maintain consistency.

Our solution can help your organization fix and remove bad data, including inaccurate, duplicate or incomplete records. Implementing a master data management program can provide hierarchy and relationship management for different facets of the business (e.g., products or customers) to streamline processes and increase ROI.

Share master data across your organization and create consistency

Our ongoing master data management program includes data quality, data intelligence and data modeling, among other activities. These capabilities can help your organization create and maintain an effective data management system

Streamline internal processes

By using our master data management applications to store data in a single repository, your organization can streamline processes and make better and more consistent business decisions.

Get better insights from your data

Enrich your first- and third-party data with our marketing database — which contains demographics, purchasing habits, lifestyles, interests and attitudes of over 300 million individuals and 126 million households.

Create a single-customer view

Our master data management solutions can help you understand how your customers are engaging with you in-store and across all media channels.


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