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Pick from over 900 attributes to append to your data

Businesses today depend on consumer data to drive business decisions. As companies aim to harness the power of their consumer data, they’re often limited by incomplete data that prevents them from maximizing profitability. With data append services from Experian, we provide businesses with the chance to enrich their existing data with over 900 data elements. To make it easier on your business, we’ve put popular data elements into data enrichment packages depending on your industry.

Our data enrichment packages provide you with data insights applicable to your industry, helping you select the attributes that will make the biggest impact on your organization. Data append is a great way to get valuable, up-to-date information about your customers.

Expand and improve the quality of your data

With data append, you can enhance your business’s most prized asset and speak more confidently to your customers.

Get a more complete picture of your consumers

Appending data attributes to your existing data can provide you a more well-rounded understanding of your customers.

Fill the holes in your targeting strategy

Identify gaps in your data and determine how to capitalize on additional opportunities.

Become more efficient in how you communicate

With more data about your consumers, you can be more efficient and personalized in how you target them.

Tip sheet: Appending customer demographic data for improved outcomes

Learn how appending demographic data can bring you closer to your customers.

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