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Consolidate and track customer records through a single customer view for better customer experiences and data-driven decisions

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With our data aggregate solutions, you can create a single customer view that’s a complete, consolidated and easy-to-read record in your database. This view begins and ends with data quality management to ensure the information you’ve collected is clean, accurate and ready to use from multiple sources.

Seamlessly connecting to hundreds of data sources to remove duplicates, correct errors and standardize formats to improve data quality creates a more comprehensive view of your customer accounts, business operations and more. Our data quality management solutions will help your organization maintain the accuracy of accounts by reducing errors and avoiding additional costs associated with bad data.

Ensure your account data is always clean and accurate

Maintain a single customer view to ensure that your data is always accurate, optimized and ready to be leveraged across the business.

Getting an accurate view of your customer accounts doesn’t have to be complicated

Aggregating data from multiple databases and linking customer account information is critical to your success.

Avoid problems associated with bad data

Our data aggregation solutions can help your organization maintain the accuracy of customer records, reduce errors and avoid costs associated with bad data.

Improve efficiency and maximize opportunity

Comprehensive account data can help your organization identify new sources of revenue.

Enhance marketing campaigns and drive better customer experience

Better data quality allows organizations to better understand their customers, meet customers’ expectations and create personalized experiences across the board.

Case study: Creating a single customer view with a large Indonesian bank

This large bank built a single customer view using our data management software, achieving a greater understanding of its customers and meeting regulatory requirement.

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