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Expansive data, analytical expertise and the latest credit risk modeling methodologies to better predict risk and accelerate growth

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Forecast future customer behavior with predictive credit risk models

As customer behavior continues to evolve, it’s important to use highly predictive modeling tools to generate deeper insights that will help you make smarter and better decisions.

Building credit risk models using our exclusive data, decades of experience and credit risk modeling tools allows you to better predict customer behavior, improve financial inclusion and gain greater precision in your decisions.

Our in-depth knowledge of data, machine learning, explainability and model risk governance enables our partners to grow portfolios, control credit losses, improve the customer experience, target the right audience and minimize expenses. Our credit risk models are transparent, explainable and proven to meet the strictest regulatory standards.

We can help you develop, validate, deploy and maintain models

Experian uses the latest technology to design highly predictive models that provide powerful results.

Better predict risk and loss

Gain a holistic view of the consumer or business to more accurately determine risk and achieve better results.

Enhance the customer experience

Improve financial inclusion by using the most comprehensive data sources in the industry to help you recognize, score and approve more customers.

Be transparent and stay compliant

Transparent models help you build and foster trust with your customers and regulators. Our models are explainable, compliant and include detailed, rigorous and comprehensive documentation.  

Frequently asked questions

Credit risk modeling is the process of using advanced statistical and mathematical tools and techniques to predict the likelihood that a borrower will default on a loan or credit obligation. Models can be based on a variety of data sources, including the borrower's credit history, income and other financial information. The goal of credit risk modeling is to help organizations assess the risk associated with lending money to a particular borrower and make more informed lending decisions.

Credit risk modeling is an important tool for mitigating and managing risk associated with lending money. With credit risk modeling, organizations can better determine the likelihood that a borrower will default on a loan and use this information to set optimal interest rates, approve or deny applications or take other actions to mitigate risk.

A predictive modeling tool is a software or algorithm that uses advanced techniques to make forecasts about future events or outcomes. These tools are often used to analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns or trends that can be used to make predictions.

Yes, we do. Ascend Intelligence Services™ Acquire Essentials is an analytics-managed service that delivers custom models and mathematically optimized strategies built by our experienced analysts leveraging industry expertise, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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