True card-not-present credit card owner verification

Experian Link enhances credit card authentication for the merchant by linking the payment instrument with the digital identity presented for payment. This frictionless service matches each identity attribute presented by the consumer with attributes on file with the card issuer and enhanced attributes across Experian's network. Experian Link’s patent pending technology understands risk holistically and increase trust in digital transactions.




Streamline credit card authentication

Experian Link seamlessly enables businesses to answer the question, “Does this user own the credit card they’re presenting for payment?"


Reduce friction at card transaction touchpoints

Account creation and checkout

Increase trust by helping verified customers sign up and check out quickly and securely

Disbursements and deposits

Verify credit card ownership before accepting or releasing funds

Changes to existing accounts

Prevent account takeover by assessing updates to existing delivery or contact information

Link legitimate customers to their owned credit card accounts

Experian Link provides identity linkage any time a card is presented

Experian Link card owner authentication

  • Identify legitimate customers to reduce friction and increase acceptance rates   
  • Reduce operation costs by preventing fraudulent credit card use as well as expensive manual reviews and chargebacks   
  • Make better risk decisions to protect legitimate customers, limit false declines, and identify potential fraudsters 
  • Purge bad actors from your ecosystem before they can transact with batch analysis 
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