Protect your digital channels with frictionless device intelligence

Effective online fraud management should be about making the customer journey easy and fraud inroads hard. Experian’s FraudNet does this by recognizing consumers through their digital device interactions across multiple channels. FraudNet provides a scalable risk assessment and intervention solution that’s cost-effective for reducing fraud and allowing legitimate transactions. Protect your customers in a frictionless way while taking immediate action on suspicious devices and activities.

Power your fraud management strategy

Lower fraud losses

Achieve fraud capture rates that exceed industry averages

Protect customers

Use a covert, frictionless solution that reduces false positives.

Improve operational efficiency

Prioritize resources and improve operations across the board. 

Identify legitimate customers and detect fraud at every point of contact

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Product benefits

  • Comprehensive online and digital channel fraud protection
  • Dedicated risk analyst support to proactively identify fraud risk in your portfolio
  • A robust identity and fraud lab focused on catching the next generation of fraudsters
  • Contextual authentication and identity proofing
  • Device familiarity to authenticate legitimate, returning customers quickly
  • Credit profiles for millions of consumers worldwide
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