Optimize and accelerate your model development process

While model development can be time-consuming, complex and costly, leveraging the right solutions can significantly increase efficiency and velocity to your modeling processes.

With Ascend ML Builder™, our cloud-hosted model development environment, you can reduce time spent on data analysis, data validation and sophisticated model development from months to days. Our on-demand environment automates the allocation of compute resources and provides access to Accelerators, our proprietary machine learning and statistical applications, to help you simplify, guide and speed up data wrangling, exploratory data analysis and advanced modeling. Ascend ML Builder also includes artifact-generation support, which packages the model for deployment to any target environment, including Experian’s ModelOps solution, Ascend Ops™, pushing models into production faster than ever before.




Configured based on your project's specific needs

Learn more about this optimized solution to accelerate your exploratory data analysis and model-building process.

Build models quickly, easily and cost-effectively


Speed up your model-building process with model-ready datasets and data sources, quick and efficient processing engines and Accelerators — Experian’s prebuilt code templates.


Remove the need to configure hardware and understand infrastructure with multiple compute resource options, and configure code based on your project’s needs. 


Add Ascend Ops for seamless and fast model deployment and model management solutions all in one place. 

Optimize your data validation and model development processes

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Get the most out of your exploratory data analysis and model building

  • Configure a dedicated environment – Run your projects without impacting your data lake or sandbox.  
  • Wrangle terabytes of data quickly – Reduce costs and run-time overhead.  
  • Leverage Experian IP – Access 20 years of historical consumer data and join quickly with other data.  
  • Access when you need it – Source data and resources for active and inactive projects.  


Optimized compute for your use case

This advanced solution for skilled model developers supports teams, both large and small. For large teams, Ascend ML Builder can complement an existing data lake or sandbox to ensure that high-priority projects don’t overload the modeling pipeline. Alternatively, for smaller teams, it can act as a catalyst to expedite data wrangling and modeling for intermittent, specific projects.


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