Data-driven decisions powered by AI and machine learning

Ascend Intelligence Services™ uses the best data and AI/ML to help you make the most informed and profitable decisions. We’ll transform your business through building highly predictive custom models, creating sophisticated decision strategies and deploying them quickly to help you accurately predict risk and make the best decisions. 

Advanced Intelligence Services solutions

The Ascend Intelligence Services end-to-end suite of solutions allows you to make the most informed decisions to help grow lending portfolios and increase market share while minimizing risk.


Ascend Intelligence Services™ Acquire Model

AI/ML custom model design service that will help you determine risk, increase automation, stay competitive and better serve your customers.


Ascend Intelligence Services™ Acquire Strategy

Sophisticated decision strategy design to gain a more granular view of every applicant, increase automation and make the best decisions.


Ascend Intelligence Services™ Pulse

A proactive model and strategy health monitoring service that enables you to adapt to market changes quickly by identifying and remediating issues early.


Ascend Intelligence Services™ Limit

Strategy development for setting and managing optimal credit limits at the customer level to increase revenue and mitigate risk.


Ascend Intelligence Services™ Foresight

Business intelligence offerings designed to help you gain greater knowledge of consumer behavior and make more informed business decisions using Experian’s industry-leading data assets and expertise.

Make smarter decisions across the lifecycle

Learn how Ascend Intelligence Services enables you to predict more accurately, minimize risk and deliver better results.


Industry-leading data meets a revolutionary platform

  • 20+ years of full-file, through-the-cycle consumer credit information and scores from the Experian Ascend Technology Platform™  
  • 2,100+ of the most advanced and comprehensive sets of credit attributes on the market 
  • Trended data and attributes to determine consumer spending behavior over time 
  • The largest alternative data set from nontraditional lenders, rental data inputs, full-file public records and more 
  • Rapid model and strategy deployment through integrated services 


Key benefits


  • Increased predictive power – Create custom AI/ML models for risk, response, balance, revenue and more
  • Improved automation – Faster decisions and reduced manual reviews
  • Smarter lending – Design optimized strategies for targeting, acquisitions and limit management
  • Regulatory compliance – Easily access documentation for model and strategy governance
  • Rapid deployment – Quickly adapt to changing consumer behavior and market sentiment



Case Study: Atlas Credit

  • Doubled approval rates for prequalification 
  • Saw a 20% credit loss reduction 
  • Deployed a custom machine learning model within an aggressive timeline   


Start optimizing your credit decisioning strategy with Ascend Intelligence Services

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