Deeper analytics and faster modeling for smarter decisions

What could you do with immediate access to the entire credit universe? The Ascend Analytical Sandbox™ is a best-in-class advanced analytics environment built to deliver deeper insights, data visualization, business intelligence and model development — with unmatched speed, security, scalability and flexibility.

The Ascend Analytical Sandbox enables access to years of credit data on 245 million consumers, commercial data, property data and other alternative data sources. In addition to thousands of scores and attributes, it offers industry-standard analytics and data visualization tools, such as SAS, RStudio, Python, Hue and Tableau, for insights that speed decisions about consumers and businesses.



Gain direct access to the credit universe

Unlock insights and identify trends to create effective strategies.

Take action on the freshest data, insights and trends

Enterprise-wide impact

Access the advanced analytics you need to power growth across the entire customer lifecycle.

Robust data

Leverage our vast data repository and exclusive advanced analytics tools.

Cutting-edge technology

Scale processing with the security and required redundancy of industry-leading cloud service platforms.

Data and analytical tools for model development, benchmarking and forecasting

Access everything you need with Ascend Analytical Sandbox

How Ascend Analytical Sandbox can help

One-stop-shop for data – integrate comprehensive full-file credit data (20+ years) and a full range of data sources, including commercial, general marketing and expanded FCRA data, with your data or third-party data.

Plug and play – flexible options get you up and running quickly so you can access the full scope of benefits and efficiently access data for your proprietary solutions.

Insights across the credit lifecycle – design prescreen campaigns, benchmark your portfolios against industry peers, identify credit trends, explore new product opportunities and plan for any economic tide your business may face.

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