Generate powerful business intelligence to optimize your business strategies

Archive Services provides depersonalized, stored credit data for conducting analytics optimization, testing and model validations. With Archive Services, you can analyze consumer behavior over time to obtain key insights and refine your portfolio management tools to identify areas that present the highest potential profit — and the highest risk.

Extract key insights from archive data to make strategic decisions

Unfettered access

20+ years of depersonalized, tradeline-level data allows you to perform risk and response modeling without encountering compliance issues related to permissible purpose.


Tailor requests to your analytical criteria. Performance data append allows you to merge your performance data with credit data in a secure, compliant environment.


Easily access an archived population: send a list for data append or we can extract using subcodes or your criteria. The removal of personally identifiable information (PII) allows you to reuse the data for all your modeling needs.

Translate insights into revenue growth

Leverage Archive Services to make smarter, more profitable credit decisions

Channel the power of historical data:

  • Test and evaluate scorecards and strategies to determine which are most effective.
  • Conduct analysis without compromising risk/compliance.
  • Develop and validate custom attributes. 
  • Analyze target groups such as nonresponders.  
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Leverage insights from archived data to optimize your account management strategies.

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