Spotlight 2020 Attributes

Stay ahead of dynamic market conditions

A new set of attributes to help your organization navigate the current crisis

In today’s volatile market, lenders need to get a comprehensive view of their consumers and their financial circumstances in order to make the best decisions. However, existing attributes may not reflect the immediate needs of your consumers.

Experian has got you covered. We’ve developed a proprietary set of 300 new attributes (that include Premier AttributesSM and Trended 3DTM attributes) that leverage the latest bureau data and can be used across the customer lifecycle.

Spotlight 2020 Attributes enables you to:

Gain additional insight into a consumer's financial circumstances

Identify consumers and trades which have an indication of modification to payment terms

Expand the view into deferred, forebearance and natural disaster trades

Understand balance and payment trends before and during the modification window


Attributes for changing consumer behavior

Our attributes were created to empower clients to address the current market conditions and interpret changes in credit reporting.


Make more informed decisions across the customer lifecycle.

Learn how Spotlight 2020 Attributes can empower your organization.

With the new Spotlight 2020 Attributes, you can gain insight into:

  • Number of deferred trades by industry, as well as their balances
  • Number of forbearance trades by industry, as well as their balances
  • Trades impacted by natural disaster and their balances
  • Consumers who are taking payment holidays
  • Recent inquiries across all industries
  • Recently opened business loans
  • Recently refinanced auto and mortgage loans
  • Government and non-government loan modifications, including those specific to mortgage
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