Prevent credit card application fraud

Authenticate consumers’ identities to fight application fraud

Application fraud detection

One of the best ways to control risk is to prevent fraudulent activity from occurring. Experian offers services that verify credit card usage, screen high-risk transactions and protect against credit application fraud.

Authenticate your customer’s identity with the following products:


Improve operational efficiencies by authenticating a business applicant in a single transaction. Biz ID searches multiple databases to verify business name and business ownership while helping meet compliance requirements.

Business Owner Background ReportSM

Unprecedented visibility into a business owner or principal’s relationships with current and former business interests.

Credit Card Verification

Prevents credit application fraud in real time by verifying a user’s credit card number against the consumer’s full name and address; flags questionable transactions.

Decisioning as a ServiceSM

Decisioning as a Service is a streamlined delivery method engineered to help Experian clients gain greater value from data and decisioning products. It does so by providing flexible, real-time access to more data sources, attributes, scores and analytics.

Employment InsightSM

Make better employee hiring decisions by quickly and cost effectively providing objective and factual credit information. Credit information provides insight into an applicant’s integrity and responsibility toward his or her financial obligations.

Experian TAPSSM

With TAPS (Total Annual Plastic Spend), assign the correct APR in underwriting to maximize wallet share and interchange revenue and estimates a consumer’s spend on all general-purpose credit and charge cards over the past 12 months. Combine with income to identify potential debit users.

Fraud ShieldSM

Locates inconsistencies between application and credit report data and cross-checks against Social Security number, driver’s license, phone number and high-risk address.

Fraud ShieldSM Score

Streamline your processes by taking a risk-based approach to preventing credit application fraud. Quickly determine which applicants are most likely to be fraudulent or in need of further review.

Income ViewSM

Quickly and easily verify a taxpayer’s income and assets, and compare customer-provided information with income tax data reported by the IRS.

Instant Prescreen

A quick and easy cross-selling tool that lets you immediately extend preapproved offers of credit to prospects when they’re most responsive — at the point of contact.


Minimize risk and maximize your marketing dollars by sending preapproved offers to the right prospects at the right time.

Knowledge IQSM

Take a risk-based approach to authentication by targeting only the riskiest consumers with increased verification.

Precise IDSM

Authenticates customers during high-risk transactions using multiple data sources and advanced analytics.


Prequalify consumers for credit in real time — enabling you to match consumers to loan options at the point of contact, providing them with a variety of credit options, but it eliminates the requirement that the company must make a firm offer of credit.


Qualifies and segments your prospect list according to your unique credit criteria so you can target consumers most likely to respond to your credit offers.

Supplier Check Report

Assess a supplier’s risk of business closure with easy-to-read reports of trusted supplier information and risk scores. Choose from four supplier reports, each providing instant access to reliable data.

Consumer data reporting

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