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In a time marked by economic uncertainty, loss forecasting is critical to understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on your business as well as planning for the future. Having loss forecasting capabilities at your fingertips can help validate and improve the accuracy of portfolio predictions.

This new era of loss forecasting requires frequently updated client and industry data, ongoing access to expert macroeconomic forecasts, and sophisticated and evolving models. Historically, these needs would have been expensive, time consuming and difficult to obtain. With today’s data and technology, it’s simpler and easier to access than ever before.

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Leverage Oxford Economics data, Oliver Wyman-built models and a user friendly dashboard with this truly turnkey solution.

How can Experian help?

The Ascend Portfolio Loss Forecaster™ brings together Experian’s Ascend Technology Platform™ and Oliver Wyman’s industry-leading machine learning and loss forecasting models. By also leveraging macroeconomic scenarios from Oxford Economics, this trifecta delivers a turnkey, frictionless web-based solution for financial institutions of all sizes.


Dynamic COVID-19-specific macroforecasts and consumer behaviors assist with immediate needs stemming from the economic impact of the pandemic. Credit and collateral data, loan level forecasting models and a comprehensive range of macroeconomic forecasts will aid your organization’s strategic planning, short-term loss measurement, vulnerable segment identification, credit risk management and more.

Paired with your own Experian credit data, the Ascend Portfolio Loss Forecaster delivers continuously refreshed insights during this period of uncertainty – and beyond – so that you can better manage your portfolio and ultimately improve overall profitability.



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