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Our composite credit risk scores, which combine the best quality traditional credit data with Experian's extended FCRA-regulated alternative data resources, eliminate traditional scoring restrictions, enhance opportunities for consumers on the brink of higher credit tiers and reduce risk in near-prime and prime consumers. Additionally, these scores offer a more comprehensive view of U.S. consumer credit behavior than other general-use credit scores.

By seamlessly integrating Lift™, a suite of credit score products that aggregates the best FCRA-regulated data assets into their models, lenders can unmask lending opportunities and improve predictive performance across the entire credit spectrum.

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State of alternative credit data

With the rise of alternative credit data,1 there are now more ways to evaluate unbanked and underbanked populations. Take a closer look at why it’s essential to consumer lending.

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1When we refer to “Alternative Credit Data,” this refers to the use of alternative data and its appropriate use in consumer credit lending decisions, as regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Hence, the term “Expanded FCRA Data” may also apply in this instance and both can be used interchangeably.

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Discover the advantages of alternative and trended data.

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Explore how advanced analytics and machine learning impact credit decisioning.

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