Better business decisions lead to better business performance. As such, business managers increasingly are turning to decision automation tools in pursuit of consistent, more accurate customer decisions.

At the core of any good decisioning tool lies its business rules engine, the software that functions as the “brains” of a decision management system. Strategy ManagementSM is a sophisticated, agile business rules engine that offers businesses the flexibility and control to make rapid, intelligent decisions.

The powerful decisioning capabilities of Strategy Management facilitate better business management to help you drive increased profitability. How?

Flexible and adaptable to a variety of business problems

Strategy Management supports a wide variety of customer decisioning processes across the enterprise. Loan approvals, account openings and credit-limit increases are just a few of the many types of customer decisions that it can help you automate.

Continual testing and improvement

Strategy Management facilitates continual testing and fine-tuning of your business rules, so you can optimize business decisions on an ongoing basis. The components within Strategy Management that generate a decision are easy to build and revise over time, allowing you to pivot rapidly as business conditions change.

Data-driven business rules software

Bring together data from different IT systems, regardless of whether the data is internal or external. You can integrate an unlimited number of attributes, including real-time access to credit bureau data. This ability to process data from a variety of sources gives you superior rules logic and a smarter business rules engine.

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