Today's fast-changing business environment demands extreme agility. Companies must react to external changes, such as regulation, price competition and economic trends. Internally, there are product releases, strategic shifts and procedural changes to keep up with. So how do managers stay ahead of rapidly evolving business conditions while ensuring that they are making the right business decisions?

They increasingly are turning to modern decisioning systems, which offer the promise of decision automation through the use of data, predictive analytics and business rules management.

Business rules management systems allow companies to make the right customer decisions in real time. While, traditionally, business rules are rigid and take time to change, business rules management software allows managers to shift business rules and processes more rapidly, in response to market conditions or internal changes.

This agility is critical to effective management, particularly for businesses with high volumes of customer accounts that must make thousands of customer decisions daily. Organizations such as retailers, utilities and financial institutions can benefit greatly from the automation and optimization of account-level decisions. Credit approvals, prescreen offers and cross-sell determinations are but a few of the decisions that companies can automate through implementation of a strong business rules management system.

Strategy ManagementSM is the best-in-class business rules engine that powers many Experian decisioning systems. It offers an efficient method of developing and deploying effective decision strategies, allowing you to drive business performance higher.

Strategy Management Features and Benefits

  • Optimize customer decisions to generate higher profits
  • Easily deploy new decisioning capabilities into your existing systems
  • Adapt and maneuver in ever-changing markets
  • Seamlessly integrate data, analytics and software across the Customer Life Cycle
  • Maintain an objective, decision-centric approach to business problems

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