Customer Data Analytics

With the advent of Big Data, predictive modeling and other advanced analytics methods, companies are increasingly aware of the tremendous value found within their customer data stores. Customer data analytics — the methodologies, systems and processes used to analyze customer data — allows companies to derive valuable insights on a variety of critical business issues.

Who are your best customers? How can you retain them? What’s the best way to find and reach new customers? How can you minimize risk in your customer account portfolio?

These are just a few of the questions that customer data analytics can answer when applied effectively. As a leading provider of analytical tools, with long-standing expertise in the management of consumer data, Experian® is uniquely positioned to help companies derive maximum value from their customer data.

Get an accurate, single view of your customers

Getting a clear and complete view of your customers can be challenging. Multiple customer databases, poorly connected systems and legacy applications are common obstacles to obtaining a single customer view.

Experian PINpoint ServicesSM breaks down the silos between different functional areas and customer databases by establishing linkages among all the customer touch-points in your organization. It works by assigning a unique identifier (a personal identification number, or PIN) to your customers and generating detailed linkage reports and analysis based on that. In doing so, PINpoint Services enables you to prevent fraud, make more informed credit decisions and better collect outstanding debt.

Identify the risks and trends hidden in your customer account portfolio

QuestSM is a customer analytics tool from Experian that helps you make smarter customer decisions, including:

  • Manage the risk in your customer portfolio
  • Develop cross-sell and retention programs
  • Prioritize accounts for debt collection activity

These kinds of business processes can all be facilitated or improved with Quest. The product's behavioral scoring model is designed to provide fast and useful intelligence on your customer accounts so you can make strong decisions that reduce risk while increasing profitability.


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