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Data-driven decisions powered by AI and machine learning

Ascend Intelligence Services™ is a fully integrated suite of custom analytics solutions designed to empower lenders with Experian's advanced data and analytics capabilities. We transform your existing system into a state-of-the-art AI lending platform by rapidly developing, deploying and monitoring sophisticated models and strategies to more accurately predict risk and monitor portfolio health. 

Drive optimal business performance by harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making with the most accurate data, AI, and ML.

Advanced analytical services

The Ascend Intelligence Services end-to-end suite of solutions helps to grow lending portfolios and increase market share while minimizing risk.

AIS pulse


Real-time, proactive model health monitoring and validation service to ensure model reliability.

AIS challenger

Model building

A custom model builder for collaborative model development, rapid deployment and retraining.

AIS advance

Strategy development

Delivering optimized underwriting strategies that increase approval rates while controlling, or even reducing, bad debt.

AIS limit

Limit-setting management

Strategy development for setting and managing optimal credit limits at the customer level to increase revenue and mitigate risk.

Manage your portfolio better, faster and more efficiently

Learn how Ascend Intelligence Services empowers you to predict more accurately, minimize risk, and deliver better results


Industry-leading data meets a revolutionary platform

  • 20+ years of full-file, through-the-cycle consumer credit information and scores from the Experian Ascend Technology Platform™
  • Faster deployment of solutions through integrated services 
  • Increased approval rates and decreased delinquency rates 
  • Reduced marketing costs with better targeting and higher response rates 
  • Faster decisions and reduced manual reviews

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How we can help

  • Get started right away to see rapid proof of value
  • Proactively monitor performance against peer benchmarks
  • Generate reports that are compliant and customizable
  • More rapidly accomplish diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) lending goals

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Case Study: Atlas Credit

  • Doubled approval rates for prequalification
  • Saw a 20% credit loss reduction
  • Deployed a custom machine learning model within an aggressive timeline

“This is exactly what I wanted from this engagement, and your team exceeded my expectations!” 

Brandon Mays, CFO/President, Atlas Credit




Blog Post: Artificial Intelligence for Smarter, Faster Decisioning

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and businesses who are adopting the newest AI technology are ahead of the game. From targeting the right prospects to designing effective collections efforts, AI-driven strategies across the entire customer lifecycle are no longer a nice to have – they are a must.

Ascend Intelligence Services Wins 2021 Fintech Breakthrough Award

Fintech Breakthrough is an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global fintech market today.

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