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Attribute Toolbox
Elevate data intelligence for more effective decisioning

Attribute ToolboxTM allows you to tap into the wealth of credit and noncredit data available in today’s market. The source-independent software provides maximum flexibility and choice over the types of data you include in the calculation and management of your attributes — the core building blocks of scoring models.

Competitive advantage

In today’s business climate, traditionally developed scores simply are not enough to accurately assess risk and attract the right customers. With unprecedented access to credit and noncredit data sources, Attribute Toolbox enhances your decisioning by leveraging customer relationship, income, fraud and other nontraditional data. Incorporating broader data sets results in improved business intelligence and a more accurate assessment of creditworthiness, ultimately allowing you to make more effective decisions.

Merge data sets seamlessly

Without having to convert to a standard format, Attribute Toolbox retrieves and processes raw data from third-party sources. Products typically do not support all formats associated with different data sources; standardized formatting can be limiting. Recognizing the native formats of these data sources and extracting the desired data allow Attribute Toolbox to provide a more complete picture.

Execute attribute calculations quickly and efficiently

Real-time data parsing combined with effective attribute calculations positions Attribute Toolbox as an integral component of your decisioning processes. For multiple requests, Attribute Toolbox can save you time by calculating and storing the results in an offline environment. A streamlined Web browser interface provides coding flexibility without exhausting technology resources. These increased workflow efficiencies deliver results quicker and at significantly lower costs.

Leverage Experian’s world-class attributes

Experian’s best-in-class STAGG AttributesSM have been normalized across all three major credit reporting agencies and can be delivered within the Attribute Toolbox application. Combine your custom-created variables and STAGG Attributes to accelerate scorecard development and implement higher-performing models.


Customization and testing

Attributes can be customized and tested before deployment into a production environment. This feature allows you to validate the impact of new or updated attributes before modifying current decision processes. More effective attribute management results in improved operational efficiencies and saves time and money, enabling the acquisition process

Modular application

Based on a service-oriented architecture design, Attribute Toolbox permits scalability and minimal impact on existing applications and business processes. With Attribute Toolbox, you can integrate proven attribute calculations into any business or technical architecture. You can use Attribute Toolbox immediately, eliminating lengthy implementation timelines and accelerating your return on investment.

Easy-to-use interface

Gone is the difficult, costly and time-consuming process of developing and maintaining custom attributes. The Web-based user interface simplifies access to attribute definitions. Minimal installation is required, reducing maintenance costs and facilitating greater collaboration across the enterprise. Tracking all saved definitions supports user-initiated rollbacks to previous versions. As a result, the tool empowers you to create, manage and validate attributes in-house, resulting in more effective decisions, improved operational efficiencies and reduced origination costs.

Technical expertise

Experian(®) uses Attribute Toolbox internally, so our analysts have advanced knowledge of the application working in a real-world environment. We understand how to most effectively implement custom attributes. The fact that we use the same tools as our clients makes us an ideal partner not only for support, but also for consultation on how to best manage your attributes.

Market-leading add-on applications

Part of the extensive Experian workflow and decisioning application suite, Attribute Toolbox integrates with these powerful tools:
  • STAGG AttributesSM Experian has invested more than a decade of research and development into identifying the most predictive and accurate set of credit attributes. When coupled with Attribute Toolbox, STAGG Attributes provides a quick starting point for incorporating attributes into your business strategies and in the development of scoring models. More than 440 high-quality, tri-bureau credit attributes are available to enhance performance of internal analysis and segmentation to optimize decision strategies.
  • Transact SMSM The application processing platform for Experian’s customer acquisition suite, Transact SM helps you make more profitable and accurate customer acquisition decisions. Attribute Toolbox combined with Transact SM provides a complete configuration and execution platform for data access, attribute management, application processing, workflow and decisioning.
  • Strategy ManagementSM Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your credit risk and marketing strategies across the Customer Life Cycle with Experian’s premier business rules management system.
  • Business Intelligence – With a strong analytical focus, Business Intelligence provides access to best practices, industry benchmarks and competitive market intelligence. In-depth market information provides greater insight into your customer base relative to both your competition and the overall market. Combining Business Intelligence and the Attribute Toolbox empowers you to optimize your customer acquisition strategies as the market changes.

  • Fraud products – With capabilities to manage and detect fraud, applications like Precise IDSM and HunterSM provide organizations with additional insight when processing new applicants. Incorporating these capabilities with Attribute Toolbox is an important step in decreasing costs by detecting fraud early in the customer acquisition process.

To find out more about Attribute Toolbox, contact your local Experian sales representative or call 1 888 414 1120.

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