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  • In the fifth session of Experian's Energy Symposium Series, our expert speakers discuss the importance of maintaining accurate client data during system migrations and modernization and how to ensure proper identity verification.

  • Reasonable effort should be made to report consumer credit data. The data ecosystem depends on this free flow of information, but ultimately, the consumers depend on the data furnishers and NCRAs to appropriately record and maintain their complete credit performance. With an expert team and a data accuracy rate of 99.9%. Experian is a credible and quality data source.

    Download the perspective to learn more.

  • Address verification - Product sheet
    Document Published Date: Oct 5, 2018

    Improve your customer experience with accurate address information. Read our product sheet to understand how our address verification software can benefit your organization and initiatives.

  • Business leaders today recognize a myriad of benefits the digital economy has to offer, such as improved customer experience and better insight for decision-making. Despite these advantages, organizations struggle to deliver the experience they would like, and data isn’t always in a suitable state to be used for this purpose.

    This study provides a unique perspective on customer experience as it relates to digital transformation priorities and challenges. Check out the full report for our in-depth analysis and key findings, such as:

    • The increasing revenue impact of the digital economy
    • The growing focus on customer experience in the digital era
    • The ongoing need for quality data for analytics
    • The implications of digital transformation on governance
  • Is your agency considering a data modernization in 2018?

    Join Experian and Rhode Island DMV on March 29th 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET.

    We will discuss why modernizations are important in the public sector, common obstacles, and how we worked together to overcome challenges and drive success for RI DMV’s data conversion project in under 6 months. We'll also take you beyond the modernization, and shed some light on how RI is supporting data management proactively.

  • 4 Common Synthetic Identity Scenarios
    Document Published Date: Nov 14, 2017

    Synthetic identity fraud is an epidemic impacting all markets.

    There is a strong focus on new and underbanked consumers, which can pose a large threat to your onboarding and customer management policies, and most importantly, overall profitability. Fraud slows down systems, drives up costs and exploits the unsuspecting.

    In our latest tip sheet, Four Common Synthetic Identity Scenarios, we provide real-world examples of how synthetic identity fraud is souring various markets, from auto and healthcare to financial services and the public sector.

  • Analyze, improve, and control your data with Experian Pandora—a powerful data profiling, integration, and discovery
    solution that helps you discover relationships between siloed data, as well as create business-specific data quality rules and dashboards. With its automated alerts, audit trails, and data policy enforcement, our data management tool gives you the means to manage and monitor your data quality around the clock.
    Experian Pandora is an on-premise solution that proactively profiles data, giving you unprecedented insight into all
    of your business’s information. Our data management solution is the go-to solution for data migration, data integration, and overall data management projects.

  • Taking the pain out of data migrations and ETL projects
    Document Published Date: Sep 18, 2017

    Data is at the heart of every organization. And data migration and ETL projects are important undertakings for many businesses as they underpin the success of many strategic initiatives.
    Yet, despite the importance of data, half of these data migration initiatives fail to meet their objectives, with many of those
    being abandoned after their budgets run out. Learn more from our white paper to see what you can do to make sure data migrations and ETL projects run smoothly and painlessly.

  • Data migrations begin (and end) with data quality
    Document Published Date: Sep 15, 2017

    Most companies are likely to undergo a data migration project at some point. Our 2017 global data benchmark report revealed that 83% of data migrations fail or exceed their budgets and schedules. Given all this business investment, doesn't it make sense to invest in the quality of data being migrated before it costs your organization?

    This white paper takes a look at the biggest obstacles in data migrations, how to complete a migration project in time and on budget, and provides a pre-migration impact assessment checklist to ensure your data migration success.

  • When you report consumer information to the credit bureaus, accuracy matters. That’s why the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) created the Metro 2® data format for consumer credit information. To help data furnishers adhere to Metro 2® reporting requirements, we developed DataArc 360™.

    This solution combines our innovative data management platform, Experian Pandora, with our trusted expertise in credit reporting. With DataArc 360™, you get our most powerful data discovery, transformation, and monitoring capabilities together with more than 115 pre-configured Metro 2® rules built in. This means that you can assess data files for a range of metrics and gain instant visibility into the quality of your consumer data files, enabling you to resolve errors before they become disputes.

    Read more about how we can help you comply with financial regulations.

  • ALDO improves email deliverability case study
    Document Published Date: Aug 23, 2017

    ALDO is a leader in fashion footwear and accessories, with over 1,600 stores globally. They communicate with customers via email and wanted to increase the size of their email subscriber database during the upcoming holiday season.

    Read this case study to find out how ALDO used email verification to ensure the accuracy of the email address collected at point of sale without interrupting or slowing the checkout process for shoppers.

  • The Idaho Transportation Department is a government organization responsible for maintaining state transportation infrastructure and providing top-tier services to state residents. To meet that goal, they need to have a consolidated view of their residents. However, information spread across siloed databases prevented them from accurately matching citizen records, and thus providing a positive customer experience.

    Read this case study to find out how the Idaho Transportation Department used our data management and data matching tool to identify duplicate records and proactively address data quality issues.

  • Cabot Credit Management data governance case study
    Document Published Date: Aug 23, 2017

    From data governance to migration to regulatory compliance, financial services organizations have a lot of priorities to juggle. Cabot Credit Management is a market leader in credit management services and looked to a data governance tool to help implement their data governance strategies and meet business objectives.

    Read about how Experian Pandora successfully integrated into Cabot's critical business elements and helped them monitor and continuously improve their data in real time.

  • The key to unlocking multichannel success
    Document Published Date: Aug 22, 2017

    The customer’s path to purchase will continue to grow in complexity; cross-, multi-, and omni-channel shopping is here to stay. People today use multiple devices for researching, purchasing, and returning products, and because they engage with businesses in a non-linear manner, they also expect their experiences to be consistent, no matter the channel.

    This white paper will detail how to manage data quality when dealing in multichannel environments, and how we can help you make a great multichannel experience a reality.

  • How to compete and win against Amazon
    Document Published Date: Aug 18, 2017

    Amazon has changed the face of retail as we know it. How is your organization keeping up? This white paper provides insights on how you can compete—and win—against Amazon.

  • Identity proofing insights and best practices
    Document Published Date: Feb 1, 2017

    It’s time to start thinking of yourself as an identity-proofing expert. You’ll be grateful when you are confidently authenticating individuals while delivering a great user experience.

    This paper provides our perspective on identity proofing and risk-based authentication — and more specifically — how those activities may be leveraged for remote access to information systems. Content provided is intended to highlight current industry conditions, risk-based authentication concepts and best practices, and lastly how our expertise with comprehensive identity proofing and risk-based authentication can help you mitigate risk while delivering a great user experience.

  • The 2017 Global Data Management Benchmark Report
    Document Published Date: Feb 1, 2017

    Organizations today recognize the importance of the data they hold, but a general lack of trust in the quality of their data prevents them from achieving strategic business objectives. For 2017, Experian Data Quality's global data management benchmark report looks at responses from more than 1,400 data management professionals across the globe to understand how data is being used within organizations and how perceived trust in that data impacts business priorities.

  • Business case for fraud prevention compliance requirements
    Document Published Date: Nov 21, 2016

    Justifying financial investment for compliance and fraud prevention technology is challenging. In addition to understanding the numerous and complex compliance agendas, one also must equate the value of business enablement to the bottom line. Businesses are seeking cost-effective, flexible tools that will allow them to meet current and future guidelines, manage risk and ultimately authenticate as many good customers as possible — all while segmenting out only the real fraudsters and noncompliant identities.

    Understanding the benefits of such a robust program that supports both risk mitigation and the customer experience is essential to building the business case for fraud prevention.

  • Building a Business Case for Data Quality
    Document Published Date: Oct 7, 2016

    At Experian Data Quality, we believe data is at the heart of every organization, and the quality of that data is fundamental to future business success. If you're looking to implement a data quality program at your organization, it's likely that you'll need to present a case to your business's leadership. We surveyed more than 400 professionals around the globe who have direct experience with developing proposals for data quality to learn about the challenges they faced and how they achieved success. In this report, we discuss our findings from this unique study and provide proven best practices to help you expedite the process of putting forward a proposal for data quality. At the end of the report, you'll find a business impact worksheet that will help you to identify and quantify data quality needs at your organization.

  • Data Reporting Best Practices Checklist
    Document Published Date: Aug 12, 2016

    90 percent of financial institutions believe increasing regulation has driven their need for better data analytics and management.
    Access our checklist of best practices provided by our panel of experts. This cheat sheet will help you assess and develop your own data cleansing and reporting plans to enhance your business’ data reporting strategy.

  • Formula for data quality success
    Document Published Date: Mar 15, 2016

    Data quality is critical to a company's success with consumers, regulators and financial advocacy groups. Ensuring the credibility of reported data ensures compliance and increases competitive advantage.

  • Should I report credit data?
    Document Published Date: Mar 1, 2016

    Reporting credit data is not mandated today, so why should lenders do it? Every business is different, but you can ask yourself a few questions to help you determine if you're ready, and if you should, report credit data to the bureaus.

  • The 2016 Global Data Management Benchmark Report
    Document Published Date: Feb 17, 2016

    Every year, Experian Data Quality conducts a study to look at the global trends in data quality. This year, research findings reveal how data practitioners are leveraging and managing data to generate actionable insight, and how proper data management is becoming an organization-wide imperative. Our annual global benchmark report takes a close look at the data quality and data management initiatives driving today's businesses. See where you line up and where you can improve.

  • Webinar: Getting Better B2B Marketing Insights
    Webinar Published Date: Dec 9, 2015

    Companies are collecting more data than ever before on prospects and customers alike, but are having trouble making the most of that data. Information is often bad or incomplete, making it difficult to answer common questions like - How many customers do I actually have? Which ones should I upsell to? What channels should I be using for acquisition? What’s the real opportunity out there? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn best practices for driving the most value from your business marketing data, and gain insights to maximize results.

  • Why Online Marketplace Lenders Should Report Data
    Video Uploaded Date: Dec 3, 2015

    Industry experts weigh in on the importance of data reporting for marketplace lenders.

  • The 2015 Global Data Quality Benchmark Report
    Document Published Date: Sep 24, 2015
    Data has become a central part of any organization┐s strategy, but the impact of bad data can be huge. On average, U.S. companies say 32 percent of their data is bad. Experian Data Quality surveyed more than 1,200 professionals on their organization data management practices. Learn how practitioners today are managing and using valuable data to generate actionable insight with our Data Quality Benchmark Report.
  • Driving Insights From Your Data
    Infographics Uploaded Date: Sep 24, 2015
    Organizations are in search of the next big thing, the next innovation. But could it be right there, in your data today? Check out Experian Data Quality's infograhphic to learn more.
  • Who's on your data management A-team?
    Infographics Uploaded Date: Sep 24, 2015
    A chief data officer needs a good data team to support an effective data management and data quality strategy. Check out Experian Data Quality's infographic to learn how you can set up your team for a data home run.
  • The Growing Need for Chief Data Officers
    Document Published Date: Sep 22, 2015

    As companies across the globe realize the transformative effects of better harnessing their data, a new role is growing in popularity: the chief data officer (CDO). To better understand this trend, Experian Data Quality conducted a study of CIOs and CDOs to understand typical data challenges within organizations, the changing data management landscape and the growing need for the CDO (and consequences for CIOs). Key findings and CDO-related statistics are detailed in our comprehensive report. Download our CDO Research report to learn more.