Precise ID

Risk-based fraud detection and prevention platform.

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The Precise ID platform offers an integrated set of solutions to help you manage fraud risk across the entire customer life cycle. You can now implement a layered, risk-based approach that leverages robust data assets, targeted analytics, predictive decision policies and knowledge-based authentication to protect your business and enable effective account opening, identity verification, and regulatory compliance.


Demographic and credit oriented information


Beyond basic identity element verification


 Segment first and third party identity fraud risk

Precise ID can help you

  • Implement holistic risk assessments and comprehensive consumer authentication
  • Execute online fraud detection and monitoring across login, access and maintenance and transactions
  • Meet regulatory compliance including: Gramm-Leach-Bliley, KYC, FFIEC, PATRIOT Act, FACTA, and FCRA
  • Monitor identity theft risk through a historical consortium of more than 250 million identity inquiries
  • Streamline application processing through real time verification and decisioning
  • Confidently verify identity elements against multiple databases receiving record-level details
  • Apply 140+ rules to ensure identity elements are verified but also used consistently and in a low-risk manner over time
  • Receive alerts about inconsistencies through a series of high-risk warnings

How it works


Product features

  • Leverages Experian’s credit and proprietary noncredit data for identity authentication and model development
  • Produces an identity risk score that accurately addresses levels of first-party and third-party fraud risk then flags and prioritizes applications for further review
  • Strategy manager decision engine that gives users flexibility to change rules in response to patterns of fraud

  • Provides users with recommended next steps, including authentication questions for further verification
  • Open architecture solution for quick implementation, regardless of your operating environment
  • Receive summary-level match results related to identity elements such as name, address, phone, date of birth and Social Security number.


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