Protect your organization against the vulnerability of new applicant fraud and allow for rapid, streamlined decisioning. Fraud Shield returns a set of indicators through a series of checks, searches, and counters, that provide you with specific, high risk characteristic descriptions.



Indicators to help you distinguish early warning signs of fraud risk



Reduce the number of suspicious applications for manual review



Leverage fraud indicators to supervise your applicant base

Fraud Shield can help you

Make educated and consistent applicant decisions based on a detailed consumer risk profile from fraud and credit attributes

Gain efficiencies through score thresholds based on false-positive and fraud- detection rates

Leverage performance reporting for monitoring trends in indicators across all inquiries

Customize your data output to ensure you are only receiving those fraud indicators that are relevant to your business

Establish trusted parameters for application decisions based on high-risk indicators and scores

Isolate customer profiles that warrant further review


Product features


  • Conducts complete check of Social Security numbers, cautious and high-risk addresses, driver’s license and telephone number alerts
  • Screens for over 30 high-risk address profiles and provides a detailed series of address checks
  • Utilizes crosschecking within Experian’s File One relational consumer credit database, which houses more than 215 million active consumer profiles
  • Instantly tracks the number of times a specific Social Security number has been used on previous inquiries
  • Identifies recently authorized user tradeline information to highlight potential credit boosting schemes
  • Uncovers inconsistencies in an applicant’s identifiable information, such as address, driver’s license and Social Security number mismatches

Examples of risk indicators


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