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As market conditions fluctuate, businesses need to be agile enough to respond to evolving fraud trends and threats. Implementing a point-solution for each new fraud threat creates silos and is difficult to manage. CrossCore is the first identity and fraud platform that enables you to connect, access, and orchestrate decisions across multiple solutions. Now you can consolidate numerous fraud risk signals into a single, holistic assessment to improve operational processes, stay ahead of fraudsters, and protect your true customers.


Take a platform approach to layer our data and insights with new fraud technologies


Increase flexibility and empower business users with self-service workflows


Accelerate operational processes and reduce fraud losses

Instantly identify more customers, catch more fraud and enhance the consumer digital experience


CrossCore enables you to:

  • Get a 360-degree view of consumers to make the best fraud risk assessment
  • Effectively manage fraud and identity solutions through one single point of access
  • Layer fraud and identity solutions to mitigate account opening fraud, account takeover, and transactional fraud
  • Empower investigators to stay agile and respond to different fraud vectors
  • Decrease manual reviews and fraud losses
  • Leverage the newest technologies to stay ahead of fraudsters

CrossCore combines risk-based authentication, identity proofing, and fraud detection into a single cloud platform with flexible decisioning orchestration and advanced analytics to make real-time fraud risk decisions.

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Product features

  • Industry-leading backing applications for identity verification, device intelligence, document verification, behavioral biometrics, and alternative identity data
  • Modern user interface to view results, recommendations and case details – all in a single view
  • Flexible, configurable workflows to respond to dynamic fraud environments
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning models that increase confidence in every consumer interaction
  • Reporting dashboards for trend analysis and performance tracking
  • Cloud architecture that enables fast, scalable performance


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The rapid shift to transacting online created new opportunities for identity theft and fraud as cybercriminals have increased access to individuals' crucial information on the dark web. Experian has been recognized as a leading solutions provider - offering innovative fraud and global data breach services.

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