The VantageScore® Credit Score, Powered by Experian®

Developed as a joint venture among the three major credit reporting companies (CRCs) Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, the VantageScore credit score combines cutting edge, patented and patent-pending analytic techniques to produce a model that offers more consistency across bureau platforms, along with the ability to score a broader population. 

Why the VantageScore Credit Score?

Easier for Lenders to Use. Easier for Consumers to Understand.
  • A familiar 300 to 850 point scale
  • The use of a single model across all three credit reporting companies decreases score variances
  • Easy to understand reason codes to indicate why a consumer’s credit score is not higher are explained and approaches to resolving them are addressed
  • Model governance to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Consumer education, transparency and inclusive lending practices
The VantageScore Credit Score Model + Consumer Credit Data from Experian = One Powerful Decision-Making Tool
  • The VantageScore credit score leverages the collective experience of the industry’s leading experts on credit data, credit risk modeling and analytics to provide lenders with a more consistent, highly predictive credit score
  • Experian understands consumer data changes and that scores need to be updated to reflect the evolving consumer credit profile
  • The strength of our data, along with our analytics and software expertise, provides an unprecedented predictive boost in lending decisions
  • The VantageScore risk model has been recognized by federal regulators who have explicitly stated that choice in the credit score marketplace should be protected

Challenge Your Current Credit Risk Score!


If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above, it’s time to talk to an Experian sales representative to learn more about the VantageScore credit score, powered by Experian.

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VantageScore is a registered trademark of VantageScore Solutions, LLC

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