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Fast, simple consumer credit dispute resolution

With Express Request, lenders can correct an individual’s credit report in 1-2 business days

Update a Consumer's Credit Report with Express Request

Lenders can prevent long delays during the loan approval process by resolving consumer credit disputes quickly with Express RequestSM. This solution provides an opportunity to rapidly refresh, rescore, or dispute an inaccuracy on an individual’s credit report in 1-2 business days. Credit circumstances such as high debt-to-income ratio, too many open trades, or high balances may impact loan terms or even approvals altogether.

There are ways both the consumer and lender can work together. With Experian's Express Request, businesses can assist consumers engaged in the loan process who need help to quickly update or correct information on their credit report.

This can help lenders to:

  • Retain credit applicants before they pursue competitive offerings or their level of engagement lessens due to inaccurate credit profile information
  • Increase customer loyalty and strengthen customer relationships
  • Gain competitive advantage and increase market share
Get Started with Express Request Today

While you must be a current client of Experian, Express Request setup is quick and can take less than 3 days.

Fill in and submit the form below to initiate your Express Request account.

You can expect to:

  • Complete Express Request contract addendum
  • Return authorization form (identifying which individuals within the client's organization may request service)
  • Receive Express Request subscriber codes


If you would like to dispute your own personal credit report, please click here.


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