Understand a Customer's Complete Financial Picture

Determine a customer’s overall creditworthiness by accessing a debt-to-income ratio based on the outstanding debt obligations from their credit report as compared to their estimated income. Debt-to-Income InsightSM leverages the predictive power of Income InsightSM, Experian's premier income estimation model built using verified income data and market-leading credit attributes. It provides an all-in-one assessment of a customer’s capacity to take on additional debt.

Customizable to Your Specific Needs

Knowing a customer's debt-to-income ratio is critical to your ability to make profitable decisions. Identifying which type of customer debt has the greatest impact on your bottom line can be crucial to your success. With Debt-to-Income Insight you have the power to select the debt obligations used in the model. Options include all debt, first mortgage debt and all mortgage debt.

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