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A good hiring decision starts with good information

The right hiring decision can save your company money and help mitigate potential risk. Employees — particularly those in sensitive positions — can expose your entire organization to legal and financial risk. Experian® helps companies mitigate this risk with an employment background check service designed to verify candidate information and avoid bad employment decisions.

Our employment background screening utilizes our nationwide database, which contains files on more than 220 million credit-active consumers. This means businesses have access to the most current and comprehensive credit information available in the industry so you can make the best hiring decisions.

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Utilize data to make the right hiring decision.

Experian’s background screening tool enables businesses to quickly verify applicant information, identify conflicting information that requires additional review, and gain an objective view of applicants.

Holistic applicant view

Use our tools to verify and expand on information you receive from applicants and other sources, revealing conflicting information that may need further review.

Confirm applicants’ identity

Mitigate the risk of candidate misrepresentation using address information, consumer identification, other names used, public record information, and employment and previous work history.

High-quality and cost-effective information

With our low per-report cost, you can include our employee background check services for every applicant.


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