Locate hard-to-find individuals with a Social Security number search

Social Search helps you locate hard-to-find individuals who may have changed their names or moved without a forwarding address. Social Search uses Experian’s Social Security number search logic to match and retrieve consumers associated with the same Social Security number from Experian's vast File One™ database.  

Social Search is available in full and partial formats for clients with and without a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) permissible purpose. 

Gain the insight you need to locate and verify consumers

Verify accuracy

Confirm applicant information or detect potential fraudulent activity.

Leverage comprehensive SSN search

Backed by Experian’s database of more than 245 million consumers.   

Maximize efficiency

Eliminate manual investigations when a current address is unknown. 

Product benefits

  • Search up to 20 Social Security numbers on an inquiry. 
  • Gain a complete history with up to 10 consumers returned on a given Social Security number.   
  • Find consumers with name changes; locate aliases, maiden and misspelled names; or consumers who have changed their identities. 
  • Detect fraud or obtain the latest phone number and contact information. 
  • Add on complementary reports for deeper insights. 
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