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Using predictive crosschecking within Experian’s robust consumer credit database, Fraud Shield℠ returns a set of indicators that describe high risk characteristics. Conditions identified by Fraud Shield correlate closely with Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) Red Flag Rules, enabling reliable and consistent identification of consumer activities that require additional confirmation.

Safeguard your consumers and your business

Regulatory compliance

Flag identity discrepancies as expected under FACTA Red Flag Rules and the Customer Identification Program (CIP). 

Attributes for modeling

Leverage Fraud Shield indicators to increase the predictive power of your fraud detection models. 


Indicators are returned in an easy-to-read summary and available on various Experian® products.  

Product features

  • Predictive – Through a series of checks, searches and counters, Fraud Shield returns a set of indicators that provide specific high-risk characteristic descriptions so you can instantly recognize warning signs.  
  • Customizable – You have the flexibility to receive Fraud Shield indicators relevant to your business requirements.  
  • High coverage – Screen for risk conditions across more than 245 million active consumers.
  • Performance reporting – Monthly summaries of inquiries and resulting “hits” help you understand and monitor the performance and distribution of each of the received Fraud Shield indicators.  
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