Grow and enable digital business while proactively safeguarding against fraud

Effectively manage fraud and identity solutions through a single point of access

 It’s more critical than ever for businesses to protect consumers and assets with fraud defenses that can identify and consolidate a wide range of risk signals into a single assessment.  

CrossCore® is an integrated, digital identity and fraud platform that enables you to connect, access and orchestrate decisions that leverage multiple data sources and services. CrossCore combines risk-based authentication, identity proofing, and fraud detection into a single, state-of-the-art cloud platform. It engages flexible decisioning workflows and advanced analytics to make real-time risk decisions throughout the customer lifecycle. 






CrossCore brings it all together

Easily connect, access and orchestrate decisions across multiple solutions all in one place.

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Secure and agile fraud management

Learn more about CrossCore, a future-proof way to manage fraud and identity services

Integrated solutions for robust fraud prevention

CrossCore connects services across Experian®, partners and your internal systems to enable comprehensive fraud monitoring from a single platform.

CrossCore Precise ID

Precise ID®

Confidently and effectively verify identities using industry-leading, identity-based analytics and scoring.

CrossCore Fraudnet


Reduce risk with a multilayer protective solution that assesses risks associated with internet-enabled devices.

CrossCore Partners

CrossCore partners

Leverage additional security functions like document verification, biometrics, and email and device risking capabilities with leading Experian partners.


CrossCore can help you

  • Decrease friction and fraud losses.   
  • Mitigate fraud across the customer life cycle. 
  • Effectively manage fraud and identity solutions through a single point of access.   
  • Make the best fraud risk assessment with a 360-degree view of consumer identity. 
  • Empower your business to stay agile and respond to different fraud vectors. 


A comprehensive feature set that keeps you connected

  • Advanced analytics and machine learning models that increase confidence in every consumer interaction  
  • Modern user interface to access real-time results, recommendations, and case details - all in a single view  
  • Self-service workflow manager to customize how CrossCore processes your transactions  



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