Gain enhanced data access and attribute management capabilities

Experian’s attributes are the key to unlocking more profitable business decisions, but integrating them into models and strategies can be complex. With Attribute Toolbox™, you’ll be able to integrate attributes into any business model or technical architecture with minimal effort. Attribute Toolbox provides robust data access and a calculation engine to help you quickly develop, deploy and manage attributes.

Elevate data intelligence to drive more confident, consistent decisions

Data access

Access and retrieve data from more than 100 credit and noncredit sources, including all major credit bureaus. 

Operational efficiency

Quickly and efficiently calculate attributes while managing them all in one place. 

Industry-leading attributes

Leverage Experian’s attributes to accelerate scorecard development and implement more predictive models.




Attribute Toolbox can help you

Ensure that data and attributes are used to their fullest potential while minimizing costs and internal resources.


Make sense of consumer credit data for enhanced decisioning

Learn how Attribute Toolbox can provide more predictive power to your models

Modular application promotes ease of integration

Improve your data intelligence while reducing development times, development costs and time-to-market for new attributes.


Data access engine

Access a vast library of consumer, commercial, fraud, verification and non-traditional data sources.  


Calculation engine

Calculate and deploy more than 4,000 out-of-the-box attributes, including Trended 3DTM and Premier AttributesSM.


Attribute management studio

Define, code and manage attributes in-house without having to rely on a third-party vendor. 

Product features

  • Create, modify and validate attribute calculations and perform effective attribute testing in an intuitive web-based user interface. 
  • Perform complex attribute calculations by using raw data from a wide library of data sources to create powerful definitions. 
  • Capture business logic in attribute and filter definitions to aggregate data from both credit and noncredit data sources. 
  • Deploy new attributes – including custom attributes – across multiple environments.   
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