Confidently combat money laundering and ensure compliance

With ASSIST//ck®, financial institutions can protect their businesses from financial crime while meeting their anti–money laundering (AML) compliance requirements. ASSIST//ck provides automated systems and processes to monitor, detect, investigate, document and report potential money laundering activities.

Enhance your AML compliance workflows

Regulatory compliance

Comply with federal and international AML regulations, including those outlined by the USA PATRIOT Act. 

Advanced analytics

Systematically profile customer and business accounts and monitor transaction trends. 

Operational efficiency

Implement automated processes to monitor, detect, investigate, document and report money laundering.  

Go beyond traditional transaction monitoring

Learn how ASSIST//ck can help increase the effectiveness of your AML program

ASSIST//ck can help you:

  • Monitor transactions based on multiple parameters with expanded threshold capabilities. 
  • Detect suspicious account activity based on irregular transaction volume, amounts and trends. 
  • Investigate high-risk cases with a powerful case management tool. 
  • Document due diligence follow-up and investigation notes. 
  • Report money laundering activities by electronically filing Suspicious Activity Report forms. 
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Gain confidence in your AML compliance program

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