Attain deeper insight into customer behavior

Experian TAPS and EIRC for Revolving combine on- and off-us revolving credit card data to assist banks with targeting consumers, ultimately increasing new card acquisition, enabling more accurate credit lines and driving retention of customers who contribute to the bottom line.

Unlock new opportunities with unique attributes that calculate on- and off-us spend and insights into the interest rates consumers are paying today.

Refine segmentation

Assess overall spend and interest rates to segment consumers effectively.

Enhance decisioning

Assign accurate credit lines and interest rates to customers that have higher tolerance.

Increase profitability

Identify and retain accounts that contribute most to your bottom line.

Gain comprehensive insights and maximize profitability

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Better customer insights for better business decisions

Identify customers who deliver substantial value, and match the right credit offers to increase revenue.


Experian TAPS

Experian TAPS (total annual plastic spend) uses credit card spending data to provide an estimate of a consumer’s total annual spend across their general-purpose credit cards. With Experian TAPS, you can now not only see on-us spend but off-us for more precision in understanding behavior and needs.


EIRC for Revolving

EIRC (estimated interest rate calculation) attribute sets allow lenders to understand what interest a consumer is currently paying on existing credit cards to extend the best offer for a new credit card or offer offer balance transfers for existing cards.

Get a broad view of revolving credit card data

  • Total spend – The sum of a consumer’s spend over the past 12 months 
  • On- and off-us spend – The total spend over the past 12 months for an individual on or off your tradeline only 
  • Interest amount in dollars – Average monthly interest paid 
  • Revolving balance – Average six-month revolving balance
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Key usage examples across the customer lifecycle

  • Capture consumer spend in a prescreen universe to prioritize marketing investments and target higher spending consumers. 
  • Offer the right product to the right consumer spending segments. 
  • Optimize line assignment segmentation in order to give higher lines to customers who will use it. 
  • Leverage risk-based pricing to assign the right price at time of acquisition. Assign a lower price to customers who will use the card and generate more interchange income and a higher price to customers who will generate more fee and interest income. 
  • Optimize fee waiver and retention programs by identifying where existing value propositions aren’t working.  
  • Identify accounts that generate the highest off-us yield rate to enhance cross-sell efforts and increase revenue. 

How can consumer spending data help your business?

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