Contract Manager and Contract Analysis

for medical groups

Are health plans complying with your contract terms? Verify the accuracy of payments received from third-party payers and negotiate successful contracts.

With Experian Health’s Contract Manager and Contract Analysis for medical groups, you can verify your organization is getting the payer revenue it is due. These powerful solutions continuously audit payer contract performance so you’re assured your collections align with negotiated terms.

Contract Manager for medical groups

Simplify the tangled web of contractual agreements, insurance rules, and regulations.

Contract Analysis for medical groups 

Understand the bottom line, before you sign.

Key features and benefits

Revenue Cycle Business Intelligence

Power Reporting

Now available in Contract Manager for medical groups: Interactive graphs that allow drill-down and drill-through functions to expose source claim data, as well as practice management system specific data attributes.

Validate reimbursement accuracy

Contract Manager and Contract Analysis for medical groups monitors payer compliance with contract terms and values claims and audits remittances based on the latest payment rules and adjudication logic. The integrated solutions pinpoint variances quickly and easily, accurately pricing claims and comparing actual payer allowed amounts to expected amounts. Our contract tools are built to adapt to changes within the industry, allowing you to capitalize on emerging reimbursement schemes and continuously monitor changes to ensure accurate reimbursement.

Recover underpayments

Conduct contract-based appeals and recover lost revenue with data-driven insight. In addition to providing details needed for successful appeals and streamlining communications with payers, Contract Manager for medical groups, identifies sources and patterns of errors so recurring issues can be promptly resolved.

Negotiate favorable terms

Contract Analysis for medical groups supports modeling of proposed contract terms so you can tailor negotiation strategies to optimize reimbursement. It also assesses financial impacts of new and proposed contracts down to how much individual service lines could gain or lose, which allows groups like yours to strategically evaluate contract performance and assess the potential of new business lines.


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