Patient Identity Management

Perform patient identity authentication, matching, and data verification with confidence

Unlock the power of data for a healthier tomorrow with the most accurate, comprehensive and secure view of today’s healthcare consumer

Ensure the capture of accurate patient information at the very first registration touchpoint and throughout the care journey with our Patient Identity Management solutions built for the healthcare industry. With more than 40 years of experience matching, managing and protecting identities and personal data we’re setting the standard in patient identity resolution, authentication and enrichment across the enterprise.

Identity Resolution

Enable the accurate exchange of patient information

Identity Authentication

Build & maintain patient trust by safeguarding sensitive personal and health information

Identity Enrichment

Deliver better care and a positive patient experience

How to evolve today's patient matching technologies

Setting the standard in patient identity resolution, authentication and enrichment across the enterprise

Increase Productivity

Accurately identify patients and match records within and across disparate healthcare organizations

Enable Value-Based Care

Insights into the financial, transportation and technology barriers that could hinder access to care, medication, food and housing

Prevent Medical Identity Theft

Confirm a patient is who they say they are, even when they aren’t standing in front of you

Improve Data Quality

Address patient safety, interoperability, business and operational challenges

Superior match accuracy with 330M unique patient identifiers, accounting for 100% of the U.S. population, to deliver quality care and drive operational efficiencies


of patient demographic data in electronic health records is mistyped, misspelled, incomplete or incorrect


of demographic data becomes outdated within a year

1 in 5

patients may not be correctly matched to their entire medical record within an organization


potential cost of patient identification errors per patient


of all clinicians have witnessed a medical error caused by patient misidentification


of claims are denied on the basis of inaccurate patient identification, costing $6 billion to the US healthcare system as a whole

Interview with the Expert

Identify and match patients in telehealth engagements

Greg Young, Senior Director PR, and Victoria Dames, Senior Director Product Management, talk about how COVID-19 impacts patient identity management with telehealth and portal visits on the rise.

The State of Patient Access 2021: Identity insights

Victoria Dames, Senior Director Product Management, and Greg Young, Senior Director Marketing, discuss Experian Health's latest survey and white paper, "The State of Patient Access: 2021." They focus on the survey results around patient personal information security online.

Healthcare Identity Management Resources


How Salem Health improved portal access for virtual care

In this 30-minute webinar, Salem Health shares how they fast tracked their implementation of Precise ID® for healthcare portals to accelerate portal access for their virtual care visits during Covid-19.


Challenges associated with patient identity

Halloween might be over, but healthcare fraud – or simple input errors – can transform a patient’s identity into something completely different. The negative impacts are potentially far-reaching, haunting both patients and providers.


Asking the right questions to protect patient identities

The safest strategy is to use a risk-based multi-layered approach, including identity proofing, fraud management, device recognition and even biometrics. But what are the right questions to ask?


Ditch activation codes and automate portal enrollment

Healthcare organizations need to be confident that the person logging on is who they say they are to reduce the risk of a data breach and minimize HIPAA penalties. One way to balance consumer convenience with data security is to automate the patient portal enrollment process.

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