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Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

The Internet of Things- Opportunities through the rise of smart devices

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April 2013
March 2013
November 2012
  • Report: The Latino Influence Project
    Experian Marketing Services and advertising agency Wing partnered to quantify the impact of the growing Hispanic population on non-Hispanic consumers in this new report. Influences range from the expected, like food and music, to the unexpected, like health, beauty and technology.
  • The New American Consumer: Trends in Hispanic Consumer Demographics
    Experian Marketing Services delivers the mindset of the Hispanic consumer. Stay ahead of this growing demographic and cultural trend with this latest report leveraging the latest research from Experian Simmons and Experian Hitwise.
  • Webcast: The Latino Influence Project
    Experian Marketing Services and advertising agency Wing partnered to quantify the impact of the growing Hispanic population on non-Hispanic consumers. Join us for this Webinar where we will share findings from the Latino Influence Project and also identify other trends in the Hispanic consumer marketplace, such as language preferences, key growth markets, discretionary spending and online shopping preferences.
October 2012
  • Webcast: The Global Consumer Power Shift
    View our Webcast as Bob Pares from Global TGI highlights global consumer trends, including the growing middle class, brand loyalty as well as trends in mobile and social media adoption.
August 2012
June 2012
April 2012
  • 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report
    Experian Marketing Services’ annual report contains trend information, predictive benchmark data and analytical insight necessary for business leaders to maximize digital marketing opportunities and return on investment.
March 2012
  • Simmons Auto-MotivesSM Consumer Segmentation Report
    Simmons delivers the mindset of American drivers with this insightful new report. The Simmons Auto-Motives consumer segmentation divides U.S. adults into one of five mutually exclusive segments based on their attitudes towards driving and automobiles.
December 2011
  • PoliticalPersonas voter segmentation report
    Simmons delivers the mindset of the American voter with PoliticalPersonassm. This new consumer segmentation system helps marketers prepare for the season ahead by delivering a detailed understanding of key voter segments.
October 2011
  • Unique Learnings in Creating a 360 View of Mobile Consumers
    This White Paper describes some of the learnings acquired from an extensive mobile measurement pilot study recently completed by Simmons that successfully linked extensive smartphone behaviors with detailed insights on consumer brand preferences, multi-platform media consumption, demographics and attitudes.
  • 2011 Social Media Report
    An estimated 129 million U.S. adults use social media today. Get the latest trends to better navigate this new and growing space.
July 2011
  • 2011 Mobile Consumer Report
    With mobile devices increasingly becoming part of the fabric of society, touching every part of our lives, what are the implications for marketers and how can brands successfully transition to digital mobile media?
May 2011
  • 2011 Discretionary Spend Report
    Americans spend $1.47 trillion annually on discretionary goods and services. Find out how Simmons evaluates discretionary spending against any of the 60,000 consumer variables.
  • Brand Building in the BRICs
    In many ways it’s wrong to refer to Brazil, Russia, India and China as “developing” markets — by some measures they can be considered just as developed as the “developed” markets.
March 2011
  • 2010 U.S. Household Consumer Trend and Benchmark Report
    This informative report explores consumer trends and benchmarks related to a sampling of the elements newly available to marketers via the expanded Simmons DataStream product, including: household charitable contributions; household use of digital and print coupons; planned vehicle purchases and economic outlook by household income.
January 2011
December 2010

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