AdTech at Cannes 2023

Advertising leaders met in Cannes to discuss industry insights, opportunities, and challenges. Watch the panels here.

Cannes 2023 AdTech panels

Industry leaders across the advertising industry gathered in the French Riviera for the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival. We hosted four panels during the week to discuss the current state of advertising, where it's headed, and the increasing importance of data and identity in marketing. Join the conversation by watching the panel recordings below. 

Adweek panel: Stacking the marketer’s toolbox for success

Juliette Morris, CEO at Adweek, moderates a conversation between Jeremy Hlavacek, CCO at Experian, Laura Jones, CMO at Instacart, Nicole Parlapiano, CMO at Tubi, and Soo Jin Oh, CSO at FreeWheel.

Ongoing signal loss has accelerated a new emphasis on first-party data. Complementary to first-party data, behavioral and digital identity also remain fundamental assets in any marketer’s toolbox. These combined assets provide opportunities for brands to unlock deeper, richer and more scalable insights into current – and potential – customers.  Listen to the conversation exploring how a mix of signals helps to define and engage audiences, inject creativity into the overall customer experience, and influence ad inventory and delivery within a brand’s ecosystem to spur business growth.

adweek panel in cannes

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Streaming takes center stage

Chris Feo, SVP at Experian, moderates a panel featuring Evan Adlman, EVP Commercial Sales & Revenue Operations at AMC Networks, Jamie Power, SVP at Addressable Sales of Disney, Kelly Metz, Managing Director of Advanced TV Activation at Omnicom Media Group, Leo O'Connor, SVP Advertising at Paramount, and Louqman Parampath, VP Product Management - Advertising at Roku.

The realm of streaming services is currently experiencing a series of shifts, obstacles, and prospects which are reshaping the advertisers' outlook toward this medium.  In this panel, we dive into the future of streaming, examining the impact of data on advertising, the challenges and opportunities of content, and how advertisers can adapt to this changing landscape. Together, we explore the vast array of possibilities that lie ahead as we navigate this exciting and dynamic industry.

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What does the future of identity hold?

David Cohen, CEO at IAB, moderates a panel featuring Chris Feo, SVP at Experian, Georgiana Haig, Global Product Lead at MiQ, Laura Manning, SVP Measurement at Cint, Mark Walker, CEO at Direct Digital Holdings, and Philip Inghelbrecht, CEO of Tatari.

The IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM) generated significant interest and conversation about identity in the digital advertising industry. This panel dives deeper into the development of privacy-centric solutions and examines the impact of data privacy regulations and consumers' changing attitudes toward using their personal data. We also discuss the rise of first-party data and its importance for brands in the post-cookie era. We explore the opportunities and challenges of using first-party data to improve targeting and measurement and the implications for data ownership and transparency. Additionally, we consider the role of machine learning in data-driven advertising and how these technologies transform how brands engage with consumers.

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Data on the sell-side

Chip Russo, President at Truthset, moderates a panel featuring Drew Stein, CEO at Audigent, Jeremy Hlavacek, CCO at Experian, Kevin Gentzel, CCO at Newsweek, Matthew Papa, SVP of Business and Corporate Development at Captify, and Paulina Klimenko, CGO at Pubmatic.

Signal loss is a growing challenge for marketers and agencies, leading them to turn to sell-side channels for access to top-tier audience and context. In this discussion, we dive into how the supply-side collaborates with publishers and data partners to optimize ad performance and targeting. We also explore the latest technologies and data-driven strategies for improving advertising opportunities. Lastly, we examine how partners strive to strike a balance between transparency and control in programmatic ad buying.

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