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Forrester Email Wave Report 2012The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Vendors, Q1 2012 Report

Download a copy of this report by Forrester Research that analyzes the best email vendors in the market.

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05/02/2013 Webinar

Moving from single channel execution to cross-channel optimization

Multichannel marketing is no longer a trend — it is the way businesses operate today. Managing this is not easy. Learn key strategies and technology that can manage Big Data, provide insight into customer segments, and generate and measure coordinated and timely campaigns across marketing channels.




04/23/2013 Webinar

Building loyalty through an integrated, cross-channel customer experience

Learn how marketers today are leveraging the art of integrated cross-channel engagement tactics, coupled with the science of customer data and behavioral insights, to stand out in the crowd, drive relevance and increase customer engagement all while maintaining alignment with overall business objectives.




03/26/2013 Webinar

Trigger Happy: The next level of campaign automation

Learn how to use campaign automation techniques across a wide variety of programs, such as welcome, e-receipts, retargeting, nurturing, order confirmation, and others, to significantly lift program response and transaction rates and ultimately increase ROI.




03/20/2013 White Paper

Multivariate Testing: Understanding multivariate testing techniques and how to apply them to your email marketing strategies

Most companies today are leveraging A/B and A/B/C testing to optimize their email campaigns, but few are leveraging the powerful tool of multivariate testing to optimize their email marketing efforts. In this white paper, learn the advantages of multivariate testing and how to effectively integrate multivariate testing into your email campaigns.




03/12/2013 Webinar

Social Media: Leveraging data and insights for effective cross-channel campaigns

Learn why customers are following you on social media, how to capture and manage social media data to generate effective cross-channel campaigns and real life examples of how companies are successfully utilizing this information for their email and mobile programs.




02/28/2013 Webinar

Holiday review: Unwrapping great insights to prepare for Holiday 2013

Learn from last year’s holiday results to plan for this year’s upcoming holiday season. Topics covered include peak holiday days, the most popular email offers, top performing email creative, mobile links and campaigns, social media links and top performing subject lines.




02/26/2013 Benchmark Report

Experian Marketing Services 2012 Q4 Email Benchmark Study

Experian Marketing Services’ 2012 Q4 Email Benchmark Study details the overall email marketing trends for the fourth quarter of 2012, as well as the key performance indicators (KPIs) that have shaped the success of our client’s email programs.




02/12/2013 Webinar

Responsive email design: Optimizing for mobile

Interested in the ability to create one HTML email layout that adapts for different devices and screen sizes? More email opens occur on mobile devices than desktops today. Responsive design can help you arrange content to render properly on these smaller devices without taking the time to create multiple emails.




01/29/2013 Webinar

Best practices for integrating mobile into your marketing mix

Have you integrated mobile marketing into your 2013 marketing mix? With six billion carrying mobile devices today, everything from how individuals consume content, to how they shop, is changing. Integrating mobile into "the mix" now will help ensure you build strong brand advocacy, while creating and sustaining loyal, profitable relationships with your customers.




01/11/2013 White Paper

Top 10 Quick Wins for Email Marketers

Seeking “low hanging fruit” to boost your email programs and drive immediate results? If so, check out our quick wins guide designed to help you improve your email effectiveness with strategic programs that can be easily implemented tomorrow.




01/10/2013 Webinar

Hot Performers: Top 10 programs to get your email campaigns off the ground tomorrow

Is your email campaign in a rut? Discover new ideas to spice up your program. Learn the latest must-haves every email marketer needs to know and walk away with strategies you can begin implementing tomorrow.




01/10/2013 White Paper

Building an effective SMS program in four easy steps

With billions of mobile phones and “smart” devices in use today, now is the time to ensure you have a solid mobile SMS strategy. Our latest mobile white paper offers key steps and insights into how your company can establish its own mobile SMS effort to deliver a powerful new channel through which to engage future and existing customers.




12/26/2012 White Paper

Time of day email testing playbook: Four easy tips and tools for a game winning testing strategy

Struggling to determine the optimal time of day to email your target audience? Time of day testing can accomplish this task, improve click rates and drive increased revenue. Check out our how-to playbook with four easy steps designed to jump start your planning and ultimately help you win the game. 




12/13/2012 Webinar

Design by Numbers: Taking your creative beyond the code

Forty-seven percent of email openers read or skim the email within 4-11 seconds. Join our webinar and learn how to utilize data to create smart, effective and great looking emails. Through real-life industry examples and tactics you will walk away with a new creative outlook on email design.




12/5/2012 Market study

New Email Market Study: Acquisition and engagement tactics

Email marketing continues to be the hub and a driving force in cross-channel integration. Email marketers are tackling this challenge head-on. Our latest email market study offers deeper insight on strategies marketers are using for subscriber acquisition and engagement, including point of sale, mobile and social marketing, testing and creative design.




11/28/2012 Benchmark report

Experian CheetahMail 2012 Q3 Benchmark Study

Experian Cheetahmail’s 2012 Q3 Benchmark Study details the overall email marketing trends for the second quarter of 2012, as well as the key performance indicators (KPIs) that have shaped the success of our client’s email programs.




11/14/2012 White Paper

Reactivation: Re-engage inactive customers and subscribers

Reactivation programs send timely and relevant messages to inactive subscribers, offering incentives to re-engage with the brand. In this white paper, we show you how to develop and execute a successful reactivation program.




11/13/2012 Webinar

Welcome Back! Proven Strategies to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers

A well-crafted subscriber reactivation campaign can build upon your brand’s previous investments and identify and target customers that have the highest propensity to re-engage with your brand. Join us, as we guide you through proven techniques and strategies to re-engage your inactive email subscribers.




10/23/2012 Webinar

True Data Love: Understanding your customers online and offline

Join Experian Marketing Services as we dive into the heart of your customer data. In “True Data Love: Understanding Your Customers Online and Offline,” we’ll show you how you can utilize cross-channel data to better understand your target and take a data-driven approach to developing engagement and conversion strategies.



10/04/2012 Webinar

Experian CheetahMail’s Countdown to the Holidays

As a follow-up to our holiday planning webinar in March, Experian CheetahMail would like to invite you to attend our special 2012 Countdown to the Holidays webinar. We’re wrapping up and delivering some great last minute holiday tips that can be easily implemented into your existing holiday campaign strategies to ensure your customers are even more engaged and connected to your brand.



09/27/2012 Webinar

Email +Facebook= Like

Reach Your Best Customers Leveraging Facebook’s Custom Audiences.



09/18/2012 White paper

It's all in the wording: A guide to optimizing your email subject lines

What makes an email worthy of opening? Is it an offer the subscriber just can’t turn down or an intriguing remark that sparks curiosity? Download this report which highlights ways to craft subject lines in order to capture the attention of your specific audience.



09/14/2012 Webinar

Not on the List: Staying in the inbox and off the blacklist

With only 76.5% of emails reaching inboxes due to the rise in both junk foldering and message blocking, email deliverability is assuming increasing importance. Marketers are fiercely vying for consumers’ attention, while ISPs and customers are becoming more empowered to take control of inboxes and discard or block all but the most relevant messages.



09/13/2012 White paper

Three pillars of successful email deliverability: Ensuring safe arrival and optimum placement in the inbox

To stay ahead of the curve, marketers need to understand email deliverability best practices to proactively ensure their messages hit the top of the inbox and avoid the junk folders. While there are many elements marketers must take into account in delivering effective email marketing campaigns, this paper focuses on the three core pillars of successful deliverability.



09/05/2012 White paper

Point of sale email: Managing compliance, privacy and deliverability with in-store email acquisition

While POS collection has become an industry standard due to its potential for tremendous list growth, the practice carries its share of compliance and deliverability risks due to inappropriate or incorrect collection and use of email data.



08/28/2012 Webinar

Creative cross-channel acquisition strategies

How to grow your subscriber list and conquering subscriber acquisition challenges.



08/28/2012 Benchmark report

Experian CheetahMail 2012 Q2 Benchmark Study

Experian Cheetahmail’s 2012 Q2 Benchmark Study details the overall email marketing trends for the second quarter of 2012, as well as the key performance indicators (KPIs) that have shaped the success of our client’s email programs



08/22/2012 White paper

Symbols in subject lines: An in-depth look at symbols

Using symbols in your subject lines is a great way to draw in the eye and vary the messaging you regularly deploy to your subscribers. Studies show that symbols help to keep their interest up and to spark interest in those who were previously unengaged



08/7/2012 Webinar

Mobile Customer Path: From Click to Conversion Webcast

Today’s consumers are not only tapping into their email contacts from their phones, but also surfing the entire Internet. As mobile phones are quickly becoming a preferred shopping tool, it is imperative that marketers understand strategies and tactics to ensure a seamless customer experience and ensure their messages are optimized for the mobile channel.



06/21/2012 Webinar

Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Mix

More than 91% of today's online adults use social media regularly. The sheer scale and breadth of this social audience, which crosses every demographic group, is so large that targeting today's social consumer must be considered a key element of every marketer's playbook.



06/07/2012 Webinar

Go Mobile - Connecting with the On-the-Go Consumer

Discover the critical things you need to consider for building and optimizing a mobile marketing program.



05/22/2012 White paper

The role of a Welcome Series in building long-lasting customer relationships

This paper provides an overview of Welcome Series marketing campaigns, including the components that deliver success, the main categories of emails, and a strategy for implementing one in your own organization.



05/10/2012 Webinar

Breathe new life into your email program with real-time content webinar

The web is fueled by it. While people pay attention to only 7 websites a day, they read 75 emails. Email is one of the most engaging communication platforms that has ever existed. Then why is it so constrained?




White paper

Back-to-School White Paper

As we noted in 2011, to a large degree, success in Back-to-School email marketing comes down to timing. When is the best time to start your promotions? Download our latest Back-to-School White Paper to find out the most important tips to making your 2012 Back-to-School campaigns successful.





International Compliance and Global Deliverability Webinar

Please join our resident Privacy & Compliance Leader, Ben Isaacson along with Kelly Hogan, Manager, Reputation Services as they take you through the world of privacy and deliverability.




Benchmark report

The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report

Critical insights and trends every marketer needs to know — mobile, display, social, email, cross-channel linkage, consumer behaviors, lifestyle changes, and so much more.

Experian Marketing Services’ highly anticipated, annual report provides a fresh perspective on the digital landscape and how brands can influence more meaningful connections with customers. A marketer’s analysis shouldn’t start with a technology or a channel, but with a deeper understanding of customers and how they live and consume information in this digital world.





Email Frequency, Volume and Cadence: Recommendations and Considerations

Join Regina Gray and Sara Swenson of Experian CheetahMail’s Strategic Services for a webinar covering best practices for email frequency, volume, and cadence.





CheetahMail Holiday Review Webinar: How to Prepare for Holiday 2012

Learn from last year’s holiday results to plan for this year’s upcoming holiday season. Topics covered include peak holiday days, the most popular email offers, top social media links, plus top subject lines and best banner placement.





Enhance your email marketing with display advertising

Join Yvette Mitchell, Strategy Consultant for Experian CheetahMail and Josh McBride from Experian’s Digital Advertising Services to learn how to use Audience IQ display advertising technology to improve the performance and reach of your email marketing campaigns.




Benchmark report

The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Vendors, Q1 2012

Forrester Research deems Experian CheetahMail among the leaders in the January 2012 report, “The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Vendors, Q1 2012,” most notably recognizing CheetahMail’s customer satisfaction scores and rave client reviews.

As reported by Forrester, “We count on high services and customer satisfaction scores from Experian CheetahMail and it did not disappoint…”





Video in Email: Why, When and How?

Video in email gives marketers a chance to express their creativity while providing relevant and highly engaging content, but do you know how to optimize, or even execute on, this powerful tactic? Watch this webinar presented by Experian CheetahMail and Liveclicker to learn why, when and how to use video in email to increase conversions in your email program.




White paper

The 2011 Mobile Consumer Report

Fifty-two percent of consumers access email via their smartphones. According to Experian Simmons, when asked about their mobile phone and smartphone usage habits, consumers indicate that after taking pictures and accessing the Internet, reading email is the most popular activity.





Top Ideas for Non-Retailers in 2012

This not-to-be-missed session focuses on the best email ideas for non-retail businesses in 2010-11, with an eye on 2012 and beyond. Learn from the best-of-the-best and ensure your emails will rise above the clutter!





Integrating Product Recommendations, Ratings & Reviews into Your Email Program

Including product recommendations, ratings and reviews in your email campaigns is crucial if you want to deliver a highly-relevant and dynamic experience to your users. Hear client case studies that will help you do this more effectively and learn about cutting edge technology that can help you take these efforts to the next level. Download this session if you want to improve the relevancy of your emails and, in turn, your program’s ROI.





Remarketing 201

If you are not deploying messages to subscribers who abandoned your site, you are leaving money on the table. If you are targeting site abandoners, it’s time to breeze past basic ReMarketing and to learn what’s next on the horizon. Check out ReMarketing 201 if you are looking to optimize or even just getting start your remarketing program.





Going beyond re-targeting

If you’re familiar with display re-targeting, you’re likely seeing phenomenal results. Attend this webinar to learn how CheetahMail and Experian can help extend the reach of your display re-targeting efforts through our new tools and services.





How to launch and/or optimize your POS capture efforts

With the advent of the iPad and other tablets, POS email/data capture has never been easier. Attend this webinar to learn more about what’s changed this past year in POS collection and how to optimize your efforts every step of the way. If you have retail stores, you know you should be capturing more, higherquality names – learn from real-life examples how to make the most of your POS efforts.





An Introduction to CheetahMobile

Learn what other companies are doing with mobile marketing and specifically how they are coordinating these efforts with their email marketing. Attend this webinar if you are contemplating starting a mobile program or if you have an established program you are looking to optimize and grow.




White paper

Top 5 Flash Sale Tips

Flash Sales are all the rage in marketing right now. The number of daily deal companies continues to increase and traffic to Flash Sales Websites increased more than 128 percent in June 2011 over June of last year according to Experian Hitwise. Flash Sales are more than timely offers. They are tools of engagement that capture the consumer’s desire for a bargain and close, ongoing interaction with a brand.





Are you up for the challenge? Email creative best practices

Is your email creative working as hard as you are? Find out in this interactive session where you’ll walk away with great ideas for engaging your subscribers on a deeper level and ultimately improving your ROI.




Benchmark report

The 2011 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report

Experian Marketing Services’ annual Digital Marketer report contains trend information, predictive benchmark data, and analytical insight necessary for business leaders to maximize digital marketing opportunities and return on investment.




White paper

The Loyalist: Leveraging Relationships with Existing Customers to Increase ROI

It will always be important to acquire new customers, but to promote up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, build brand advocacy, and maximize long-term sales, businesses today also need to leverage relationships with existing customers and focus on programs that encourage customer loyalty. This white paper provides data analysis and best practices for email marketers looking to enhance customer loyalty.




White paper

Spreading the Word Through Friends-and-Family Emails

Customers engage with friends-and-family emails at a much higher rate than they do with promotional campaigns – proving that just a few words can influence an email campaign in so many ways. Download this white paper to discover key trends and learn optimal strategies pertaining to friends-and-family email marketing.




White paper

The Welcome Email Report

Whether it is an automated text-based opt-in confirmation or a branded welcome message, the first email that a new subscriber receives from your company sets the stage for developing a stronger customer relationship through your email program. The key components of a welcome program are proper representation of your brand promise and the setting of overall expectations for your business’s future email communications with its subscribers.




White paper

The Remarketing Report

This white paper contains an analysis from Experian CheetahMail’s Strategic Services Team on key themes surrounding remarketing, along with strategic best practices and recommendations to integrate email and web analytics.




White paper

The Transactional Email Report

On average, transactional emails that include relevant and related products and services have 20 percent higher transaction rates than those without. These findings and more are contained in Experian CheetahMail’s latest report entitled, The transactional email report: Benchmark data and analysis for connecting purchase behavior to email marketing.




White paper

The Birthday and Anniversary Report

Transaction rates are five times higher for birthday and anniversary emails than they are for bulk campaigns. By making a personal connection with a target audience through precise and meaningful communications, such as sending emails acknowledging birthdays or anniversaries, marketers can build brand loyalty, deepen customer engagement and increase sales.




Benchmark report

The 2010 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report

Learn important digital-marketing media trends and benchmarks to create engaging multichannel customer experiences. Experian Marketing Services’ digital marketer report contains trend information, predictive benchmark data, and analytical insight necessary for business leaders to maximize digital marketing opportunities and return on investment in 2010.




White paper

The Coupon Report

This white paper summarizes key points from Experian CheetahMail’s research and provides a thorough analysis of trends surrounding coupons sent via email along with best practices and strategic recommendations stemming from the findings.




White paper

The Free Shipping Report

Free shipping is a vital topic of consideration for most businesses, as it often involves the business itself incurring the associated, and often expensive, distribution cost. To help you decide if free shipping offers are right for your organization, Experian CheetahMail conducted a study posing the following questions: Are more companies deploying free shipping e-mails? Are free shipping e-mails as effective now as they were in the past? And which factors can positively or negatively affect a free shipping promotion?



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