Fraud Alert

Adding a Phone Number to a Temporary Fraud Alert

Dear Experian,

I want to add my cell phone number to my file because I just put in a 90 day fraud alert. I noticed when I pulled my file up online, you only show my home number. When I call the numbers on the letter I received, it just wants me to order a report. I already have the online report.


Dear MSP,

Rather than the numbers on the letter, you should call the consumer assistance number provided on your credit report, which you indicate you received online. You will also need to provide the credit report number. A representative will be able to assist you in changing the telephone number in the alert. An initial security alert allows you to include only one telephone number.

The 90 day alert notifies lenders that you may be the victim of identity theft, and asks them to take further precautions to verify your identity prior to granting credit. Lenders must take reasonable action in response to the alert to verify your identity.

You can request that an extended fraud alert, or fraud victim statement, be added to your report if you first file an identity theft report with law enforcement, typically your local police department. A fraud victim statement remains seven years and lets you provide two telephone numbers. It asks that lenders call you before granting credit in your name.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team