Credit marketing solutions

Enhance customer prospecting with data-driven insights

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Expand your marketable consumer and commercial universe

Take customer prospecting to new heights. Uncover and identify the right prospects within a consumer segment that may have been overlooked. Using a combination of our credit marketing tools, you’ll be able to find consumers who best meet your acquisition objectives, including near-prime consumers, channel expansion and new entrants. For commercial lenders, our credit marketing solutions provide a 360° view of prospective business clients. With the power of B2B marketing and credit risk data, you can identify the right target audience, select the best-performing media and optimize your campaigns.

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Identify profitable populations quickly and easily

Our data-driven methods allow you to reliably — and effectively — select the most profitable segments. Use customer prospecting and marketing lists to prequalify consumers for firm credit offers; set lending criteria using standard and/or custom attributes and scores; and use demographic selections, segmentation models and consumer preference scores.

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Optimize your credit marketing strategies and decisions

Make credit-based decisions with the most current data in the market, while employing customization and decisioning flexibility. Leverage analytics to better predict and understand customer behavior, needs and preferences for optimal marketing decisions.

How we can help

From identifying the right prospects to saturating your targeting criteria with data-rich insights, we offer capabilities across the board to best optimize your credit marketing, client prospecting and growth strategies.

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Commercial database marketing

Leverage powerful commercial data to make the most impactful marketing messages and increase ROI.

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Comprehensive data insights

Drive smarter lending to ultimately grow your business.

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Credit prescreening

Prequalify prospects quickly and economically.

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Customer acquisition

Target more effectively and maximize lifetime value.

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Marketing data enrichment

Get to know your customers — your most valuable assets — better.

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Determine consumer prequalification at the point of contact.

Use big data for better decisions

Design optimal strategies around profiling, predictive scoring and business rules.

Maximize your business goals

With data-driven marketing, you can make optimal customer-level decisions and maximize your organization’s profit, revenue, sales and offers.

Make the best decision every time

By determining the best decision for each individual customer, you can power your marketing strategy. Personalize the offer, the channel and the time of delivery to your customers’ preferences.

Operate within the constraints of your business

Satisfy and comply with contact rules, stay within the confines of your budget and deliver a mix of offers. The opportunities for marketing optimization are endless.

Use forecasts and predictive models

Base better decision-making off forecasts of your underlying data as well as analytical tools such as response models, revenue models, cost and contact history.


It all starts with credit marketing

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