Identity management

Manage data in a connected customer view to minimize end-user friction without increasing risk

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Better identity management solutions

Our tools help organizations feel safe and secure about their consumer and business data without adding friction or functioning outside of their risk tolerance.  

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Connected customer view

Gain a connected, validated view of consumers and businesses across platforms (including in-person, phone and remote interactions), and acquire an easy-to-read record for any manual reviews.

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Persistent identification number

We create a unique identification so you can easily track consumer or business files across your organization, increasing efficiency and reducing confusion and duplication.

How we can help

Our identity management tools allow you to confirm the identities of businesses and consumers with minimal friction. We balance end-user experience with the need for security so that you can easily manage authentication events with confidence.

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Identity resolution

Reduce friction and optimize customer interactions by using data to recognize a single unique identity across different touchpoints using different identifiers in order to provide a consistent experience.

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Multifactor authentication

Leverage multifactor authentication to apply effective, appropriate and low-friction identity verification to each consumer interaction.

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Fraud management

Mitigate the risk presented by stolen or manipulated identities through recognition, validation and authentication.

Confirm identities with minimal friction with scalable identity management solutions

Risk management and consumer satisfaction needs can both be satisfied with a single customer view backed by the right data and analytics

44 percent

of consumers are worried about online privacy.

54 percent

of consumers have higher expectations about consumer experience delivered online by businesses.

40 percent

abandonment rate for consumers when opening a bank account takes more than 10 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Identity management consists of the tools, strategies and processes (including identity management tools) used to govern user access to systems and enhance the user experience by confirming that the user is who they say they are and tailoring the experience accordingly.

A single-customer view is a holistic view of a consumer’s complete profile, characterized by a complete understanding of that user’s identity data, habits, etc. 

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires a user to provide more than one verification factor when requesting access. This may include a standard username/password combination as well as a one-time passcode.

Step-up authentication is when organizations require an additional level of authentication, often applied to higher-risk activities. Examples of step-up authentication include confirming receipt of information communicated via email or text message, providing identity documents, or providing other information that it would be unlikely for an imposter to possess.

Identity management software leverages data and analytics to help organizations recognize and connect with consumers and business entities while preventing unauthorized access to systems and resources and data theft or misuse.


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