Identity resolution

Reduce friction and optimize customer interactions by using data to confirm identities and provide a consistent brand experience

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Consistent customer experience

Our identity resolution solutions help deliver a frictionless and consistent brand experience across transaction channels, optimizing the journey from end to end.

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Digital identity resolution

Consolidate identifiers across available touchpoints and devices to build a comprehensive identity profile, gaining a connected view of consumer and business identities.

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Improve data quality

Connect the full range of contextual, behavioral, credit and noncredit data sources to build complete and accurate customer profiles with flexible identity resolution solutions.

How we can help

Take advantage of our robust data assets, marketing analytics and identity resolution solutions to unlock insights into the true consumer, business owner or business identity for more confident transactional, marketing or lending decisions.

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Data quality and hygiene

Build trust and increase campaign efficiency by using regularly updated, standardized customer data that's treated securely.

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Data collaboration

A clean room solution can be used to ensure sensitive consumer information remains protected from external threats during identity resolution processes.

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Identity graphing and linking

Maintain a customer-specific persistent identity to create a detailed view of consumers and achieve business objectives in a compliant manner.


of U.S. businesses say improving the customer journey is paramount.

4 in 10

businesses lost more than 10% of their customers due to “suboptimal” digital experiences.

Frequently asked questions

Identity resolution is the ongoing process of linking various elements to create and expand a unique profile. The multi-step process can include:

  • Securely onboarding data into a system

  • Hashing or tokenizing personal information to improve security and privacy

  • Setting aside information that can’t be matched to an identity yet 

  • Matching or linking identifiers to a known unique identity

  • Verifying that the identities and identifiers are accurate

Identity resolution allows organizations to link separate interactions to a single profile to create more personalized experiences. Identity resolution can be used to boost marketing performance and customer experience. By stitching together disparate data from multiple channels, platforms and devices, a single-customer view tied to a persistent ID allows brands to deliver a more personalized, omnichannel customer experience.

An identity resolution platform is software or a collection of solutions that integrates consumer identifiers across devices, channels and interactions. The platform does this in a way that’s efficient, accurate, scalable and meets compliance standards.


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