Transform Revenue Cycle Management From Start to Finish

In this rapidly changing healthcare landscape, providers don’t just need to survive; they need to thrive. With a full offering of revenue cycle management products and consultative services designed to automate and streamline patient access, claims and contract management and collections workflow, Experian Health delivers critical financial insight into how hospitals, medical groups and specialty provider groups can optimize financial performance in the midst of growing out-of-pocket fees and declining reimbursement.

From the time appointments are scheduled all the way through to the resolution of the final bill, this leading suite of revenue cycle management products and consultative services harnesses the power of data and analytics for improved financial outcomes and enhanced profitability.

Streamline Patient Interactions

Improve workflow and maximize opportunities to collect with Experian Health’s patient access products and consultative services. Staff can quickly view, analyze and manage patient financial information across an entire healthcare network to improve patient collections.

Verify Payment Accuracy

Maximize revenue collection from payers with Experian Health’s claims and contract management products and consultative services. Submit cleaner claims, monitor frequent changes to payer policies, negotiate more favorable contract terms, and validate reimbursement.

Reduce Patient Bad Debt

Score and segment patient accounts, direct them to the right team at the right time, and process invoices more quickly to improve self-pay and patient collections. Experian Health’s collections offering leverages best-in-class data assets so providers can better allocate resources and make more informed business decisions.

Revenue Cycle and Fraud Solutions for Laboratories, Payers and Pharmacies

Healthcare needs innovative solutions to help increase efficiency and maintain profitability across the industry. Experian Health provides world-class solutions beyond hospital, health system and medical groups that include laboratory, pharmacy and payer markets. Click the links below to learn more about how we support each of these markets. 

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